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As you can imagine I am carrying on with my physical preparation so as to be as fit as possible for the imminent tests in Sepang at the end of the month. The freezing weather all over Europe means that it is more complicated to ride a bike or even do some cross-country skiing, so we are training inside. It is essential to gain strength and not stop, so in spite of the cold I have been keeping up a high pace in my training.

Many of you have been asking about this season`s bike and the truth is that we are working well on it. The results we have got so far are not at all definitive. We know that the potential of the bike is very high and that we have to work hard to squeeze the best out of it on the track.

It is a bike with a bigger displacement and you notice that in the acceleration, the speed and also when changing direction, among many other things. Regarding the changes of direction, we are working hard to improve it as soon as possible. Moreover, Sepang is the ideal circuit to work on this characteristic. I am getting used to the bike quite fast and that is good when it comes to improving it. The sensations I am getting on it are really good.

Our work-rate is good and I am sure that I will be able to tell you something new when the next sessions begin at the end of the month. And right now we are on the right track and in the middle of a period that we have to make the most of before the season starts.

Thanks for all your comments. I am very pleased to see that you are as eager as I am for the World Championship to begin.



Source: Blog Dani Pedrosa

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