Moncayo and Faubel finish Jerez test again in the leading group

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After his crash on Friday, Bankia Aspar rider Alberto Moncayo had to check in with the Clinica Mobile again in the morning of the final day of testing at Jerez, to make sure that he’s fit to ride. Having fulfilled all requirements he received the green light from the medics and resumed his regular work. And the local rider from Cadiz barely noticed that he lost a day, from the first laps already he was doing similar laptimes as on the first day. Around midday his team did a few modifications to the chassis which helped him to brake the limit of 1.48. Alberto once again confirmed his position among the fastest riders of the class.

Similarly his teammate Héctor Faubel also proved himself to be one of the fastest riders of Moto3. And this despite being very unlucky today as he encountered a problem with the chain on his bike when he tried to get in a fast lap, effectively destroying his plans. But still the rider from Llíria left the test satisfied with the work done throughout the three days and already waits impatiently for the next test.

Alberto Moncayo 1.47.90 (52 laps): “I went to the clinic this morning and it seems that everything’s fine after the crash from yesterday. I had a bit of a headache, but it didn’t keep me from riding and make up for the lost time. This morning I got back the feeling immediately when going out on track and also rode similar laptimes as on the first day. Around midday we put on new tyres and did a small adjustment on the chassis which helped us to considerably improve our time. I gotta say that we still have many things to test, but I think in this test we’ve taken a big step forward. Regardless of the laptime, which I think is pretty good, I’m happy with the pace I managed with the race tyres. I’m very happy, because we recovered the lost time and I think we did some fantastic progress, I hope to continue this way at the next test in March.”

Héctor Faubel 1.48.40 (58 laps): “I am a bit disappointed, because today we couldn’t test everything we wanted to. In general the day went well, but when we wanted to take advantage of the best part of the day, we had a problem with the chain which destroyed our plans. Afterwards we wanted to go back on track, but the asphalt had already lost temperature. I want to think about the positives and that’s two days in which things went very well for us, we tested everything we wanted to and we could see that this bike progresses from one test to the next. Now we only have to analyse all the data that we have and think of the next test in March to be back at top level. I feel that we have still a big margin to improve, both with the chassis and the engine, so I’m very calm.”

Source: Bankia Aspar Team

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