Ricky Cardus to use Spanish bike AJR during the 2012 season

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Photo: Ben Davies / www.smartfotos.co.uk

After three days of intense back-to-back testing of two different bikes – Suter and AJR – the Argiñano Racing Team and Moto2 rider Ricky Cardus have now decided to compete during the 2012 season with the Spanish bike AJR, completing an all-Spanish lineup. It will be the first time after 20 years for a Spanish bike to compete in the world championship for a full season. Until 1991 there were the JJCobas bikes which were prepared by the late Antonio Cobas who was credited as being the originator of the modern aluminum frame chassis.

The Argiñano Racing Team had been very suprised by the performance of the AJR during the IRTA test at Jerez last week and subsequently completed two more days of riding at a private test which confirmed the decision in favour of AJR over Suter. It will be the first world championship team to partner with the manufacturer from La Garriga (Barcelona)

Ricky Cardus: “I think the team as well as myself have accomplished what we wanted. We modificated a standard AJR from the Spanish Championship and we adapted to it and improved every day. We were somewhat limited because of a lack of material, but we spent many hours and went to sleep late and this showed in the laptimes and the confidence. I have the pace, I didn’t crash, every time I go out on track I lower my laptimes… We have a month to develop the bike and this is tough for everyone. I’ll be focusing on the gym, although I don’t have any consequences from the crash in Malaysia last year and I am in shape. The team surely does great work and we can think about the next IRTA test in Jerez from the moment we decide which bike we use in the championship.”

Ginés Guirado, sporting director ARG: “When Ricky first got on the AJR, you immediately saw that the bike went where he wanted to. Keeping in mind that he’s been injured for a few months and despite the normal stiffness a rider feels after not being on a bike for a while, he felt comfortable right away. It’s a bike on which we’ll have to work hard, because it hasn’t run outside the CEV yet and it’s necessary to test it to its limits. That is to say: in the world championship. The front of the bike is great and on the rear we need to solve a problem with the traction and excessive sliding. Even so, the rider is confident with what he has in his hands, because it is great. From this moment on, the factory as well as the team are beginning to design a development plan which will include a continued collaboration.”

Armando Molí, industrial engineer, director of AJR: “I’m very proud, I think we can do a good job. I very much believe in this bike, it’s a very robust chassis and swingarm, yet very light. We will work at the maximum to achieve the full level of what we should. So far we have competed in the Spanish Championship which is on another level, but the response from the riders has always been very positive. It’s clear that until now on our goal was to offer a product that’s accessible to as many teams as possible, but the Argiñano Racing Team gives us the opportunity to make a jump in quality. We have two and a half years of work, including the weekends.”

Source: Argiñano Racing Team

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