Faubel and Moncayo not too happy with laptimes, but satisfied with work on first day of testing

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The Jerez circuit today was quite a sight with the sun, best riding conditions and all Moto3 riders out on track. The first day of testing at Jerez already had the smell of a Grand Prix, this last test before the start of the season is not called “GP Zero” for nothing. But after this first day, there are still two more days of work, in which the Moto3 riders have to hurry and get everything ready for the first round of the year, to be held in Qatar very soon. The best laptime of the day was posted by the so far unknown Italian rider Romano Fenati.

It’s been a little after eleven o’clock when Bankia Aspar riders Hector Faubel and Alberto Moncayo went out on the Circuit de Jerez. And both have used their time well until the end of the day, although they have three days of testing they do not want to leave anything out. Their objective is to test as many variations as possible in order to have everything clear to start the season.

Faubel tried various configurations of the chassis, various power mapping and also different stiffness of the front fork. After a plethora of conclusions he ended the day satisfied and with the sixth fastest time. Teammate Alberto Moncayo tested several exhausts, also some mappings for the management of engine braking and many other variations for the front fork. Although the rider from Cadiz wasn’t fully satisfied with the laptimes, he still was content with the amount of work and tests he and the team did.

Héctor Faubel 1.48.577 (60 laps): “Although we weren’t as fast as the last time we were here, I’m very happy with the feeling. We saw that we still have quite a way to go, mainly regarding the chassis and engine, but we are here to work and we are very motivated. The weather was ideal, but tomorrow we will have to work more to refine things and also to increase our pace, we have to be consistent. From the beginning we started the day with a setup similar to what we used during the winter and tomorrow we will go a different way, trying to make the bike smoother and shorter to give us more room to work with.”

Alberto Moncayo 1.49.092 (64 laps): “This first day has not been as easy as expected. I don’t really know what happened, but I struggled to get a good feeling. Despite everything we tried a lot of things which allowed us to draw several positive conclusions. It is the first day, there is still a lot time for work and many things to test. I’m happy because, although we have not progressed in terms of laptimes, we did progress in many aspects, so we must be satisfied and motivated for tomorrow. Today we also tested an new exhaust from Arrow and it works pretty well.”

Source: Aspar Team

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