Barbera trying to use difficult weather conditions as good preparation for the season

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Today wasn’t a fruitful day for the Pramac Racing Team on the Jerez de la Frontera Circuit in Spain. Cold wind and spots of rain slowed down the team’s work and especially for Hèctor it was a frustrating affair as he waited in the box for a change of weather. After a spell of heavy rain around at 3pm, the Green Team decided to take advantage of the conditions by accumulating laps, working on the electronic setup and to get Hèctor used to the track in difficult conditions. Hèctor ended the second day of the MotoGp Test in Jerez with a good 5th place and a laptime of 1’43.288.

Héctor Barberà: “When I went out to try my Ducati, riding in wet conditions, the track was already damp. We did some tests to try the wet setup, but unfortunately the weather changed quickly. The best thing was that today we spent our time to improve my confidence with these unexpected weather conditions. Today’s weather was the same as the 2011 race here, therefore the team’s work of the day was important, thinking about the new season. I also tryd the new chassis of my Ducati and, to be honest, it is better than the old one, bacause I can ride while maintaining a good line.”

Francesco Guidotti – Team Manager Pramac Racing
“We had a lot of weather changes throughout the whole day, but we used them in a constructive way. We didn’t try the tyres, because of the quick change of weather conditions and we decided to keep the bike’s materials for the last day of this test tomorrow. We also worked on some electronics strategies to adapt our Ducati in differents weather conditions like what he had today.”

Source: Pramac Racing

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