Interview Hector Faubel: “I want to be fighting for the podium at every race”

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The Aspar Team has published an interview with Moto3 rider Hector Faubel in which the experienced racer talks about his expectations for the new season, the new bike and the new class.

Héctor Faubel is one of the most adaptable riders in the World Championship. He has ridden every bike possible, apart from MotoGP, and he is ready to tackle his eleventh season on the international stage. 2012 presents the veteran Spaniard with a fresh challenge in the shape of Moto3, a new format for the minor category of the MotoGP World Championship. Héctor is hoping that he can use his vast experience to be a leading contender in a title chase that gets underway on April 8th in Qatar.

How do you like the sound of a Moto3 bike?
It is difficult to explain the sound of a Moto3 bike. It is much louder than a 125, louder than a Moto2 even, and you need to wear ear plugs to ride it.

Where do you feel the biggest differences are between a 125 and a Moto3?
Mainly in the weight. The 125 is lighter and more lively but the good thing about the Moto3 four-stroke is that it allows you to get on the gas much earlier out of the corners. It is smoother, more docile. I don’t think anybody expected them to be developed so quickly and it won’t be long before we are setting 125cc lap times. The Moto3 concept is moving forward at a dizzying rate.

Tell us about your winter.
It was pretty long and there was no time for a holiday because we had so much testing to do with the Moto3. With it being a completely new bike there was a lot of work to do and a lot of feedback to give in order to accelerate development.

How did testing go for you?
In terms of time on the bike it has been great, we have done a lot of laps. In the last test at Jerez it was evident that we need to take another step but I am sure that in Qatar we will keep moving forward and be fighting for the podium at least.

What are your hopes for 2012?
My goal for this season is to be consistent and to be fighting for the podium at every race. If we can do those two things then we’ll be battling for the title at the end of the season.

What areas can the Kalex/KTM improve in?
The only thing we need now is to improve in corner entry and the bike’s torsion but we’re working on it.

What are its strong points?
The main advantage with the Kalex/KTM is that you can get on the throttle early and the engine braking is also a big help. It makes the bike easier to ride and having that extra power from the engine means that even if you make a mistake in the corner you can recover without too much difficulty.

What would make Héctor Faubel happy at the end of the season?
I just want to do my job well and avoid making mistakes. We’ll see what the result is after that but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I would love to be crowned World Champion.

How soon can you win races?
It is a little early to think about that just now. We left Jerez with some clear ideas about our base setting but we still have work to do in Qatar. We have to keep working along the same lines and there is no reason why the wins can’t start coming soon.

What are your objectives for the season?
We stayed in this category in order to fight for the title so that is the clear objective and we will be giving everything to the cause.

Who will be the one to look out for in Moto3?
The FTR/Honda riders were quick at Jerez but we have been effective all winter so I don’t think there is a clear favourite, just several hopefuls.

What is the Kalex/KTM Moto3 bike like?
One of the bike’s strongest points is its stability on both ends. We have adapted well to the Kalex/KTM and our work so far has been productive, which will serve us well for the rest of the season.

Héctor Faubel, the oldest rider in the category. . .
Yes, this year it’s my turn to be the oldest rider out there but I hope it’s a good omen. The most important thing in the World Championship is consistency so I hope to use my experience to be consistent and regular. Over the years I have learned how to control my nerves, which is a decisive factor in winning races.

How does it feel being part of the BANKIA Aspar Team?
‘Aspar’ is like another family member to me, I have spent many years as part of his team and enjoyed my greatest successes with him. The Aspar Team are friends of mine and the people who most help me and push me on.

Source: Aspar Team

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