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Alberto Moncayo is one of the friendliest faces in the paddock. As diplomatic off the track as he is disputative on it, the 20 year old has two years of World Championship experience under his belt and has savoured the taste of podium champagne in the 125cc class. Now he faces a brand new challenge in the unchartered waters of Moto3 and after serving his Grand Prix apprenticeship he finds himself doing so with the top quality backing of the BANKIA Aspar Team. It is time to move the goalposts.

How do you like the sound of a Moto3 bike?
Even though I preferred the sound of a 125cc two-stroke the Moto3 is growing on me. It’s a very different bike to what we’re used to but it is still a chassis on two wheels and we have to try and ride it as fast as we can. We’re all starting from scratch so it’s up to each individual to progress.

Where do you feel the biggest differences are between a 125 and a Moto3?
The biggest difference is in the engine. It performs completely differently and in some ways it is easier to ride the Moto3 because you can play with the throttle more and there is more margin for error. The engine braking is also a big help.

Tell us about your winter. . .
It felt like a long gap between the penultimate test and then Jerez last week. I have been working hard in between on my physical strength and cardiovascular fitness to try and improve my endurance. A Moto3 bike is heavier than a 125 and after a few laps you can feel the difference so you have to be ready.

How did testing go for you?
The fact is that everybody would like to be at the front all of the time and to be honest we weren’t as high up as we would have liked in the last test. Nerves got the better of us there a little but overall the job we have done in preseason has been incredible. We have been regularly in the top positions and I think we’re ready for the first race of the season.

What are your hopes for 2012?
I’d love to be consistently finishing on the podium, either on top or near the top in every session and setting the pace wherever possible.

What areas can the Kalex/KTM improve in?
The Kalex/KTM still has plenty of margin for improvement. The lap times are more than impressive but if I had to ask for something it would be to get the chassis turning better. It would be nice if we could get it handling easier in the slow turns. Personally I think the engine is fast and consistent although there will be a few other riders who might disagree at first.

What are its strong points?
Mainly the engine. Honda came on strong in the last test but it looks like the Kalex/KTM will be the one to beat. I also think that a factory like KTM will be able to find more power as the season progresses. The chassis is perhaps not 100% yet but Kalex have the experience of winning the Moto2 title in 2011 and I am sure they will have some updates for us soon.

What would make Alberto Moncayo happy at the end of the season?
Being crowned World Champion, without doubt.

How soon can you win races?
As soon as possible, hopefully.

Who will be the one to look out for in Moto3?
There are a lot of guys going fast, like Maverick Viñales, Danny Kent, Sandro Cortese. . . in theory any one of them. Basically any one of the top ten guys from the last test at Jerez can win races.

Do you see similarities between Moto3 and Moto2?
Yes. Maybe not in the first few races because there will be a few riders who disappear at the front but as the season goes on and things level out I think there will be a lot of guys fighting at the front.

What is the Kalex/KTM Moto3 bike like?
It is a stable bike, well built and aesthetically beautiful. The chassis is in constant development. Overall it is quite a neutral bike which we need to study and work on in order to discover its limits.

How does it feel being part of the BANKIA Aspar Team?
Being part of the BANKIA Aspar Team will be the key to 2012 for me. In just a few days of testing I have already realised what a professional outfit this is and now it is up to me to prove that I can be competitive on a consistent basis. Having a good team makes everything easier.

Source: Aspar Media

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