Rosell suffering a lot of pain from two injuries but determined to race

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Anthony West, who jumped on the Moriwaki of QMMF Racing Team on short notice after having been away from racing for four months, made significant progress in the qualifying session for the season-opening Grand Prix of Qatar and cut the gap to the fastest Moriwaki in the Moto2 field down to just half a second. Spanish team-mate Elena Rosell, who suffered a cracked pelvis in a testing crash, is now also battling a shoulder inflammation, but pushed through the pain barrier to qualify for the race.

Elena Rosell – 32nd in 2.05,183
“Qualifying was really tough because I have a lot of pain in my right shoulder. Apart from my pelvis fracture, I have some sort of tendinitis in the shoulder joint, it got inflamed, and even though I’m getting the best possible treatment from the crew of Dr. Claudio Costa, I can’t wrestle and push the bike the way I’d like. I can do two or three decent laps, but then I am in too much pain to keep my pace. I’m suffering a lot out there, but I still want to race and be part of this Grand Prix, since it is the home race of my team and therefore very important. I hope to be in better shape tomorrow, because the race is going to be long and hard. More than anything, I’m happy that I was able to qualify and that I’ll be on the starting grid close to my team-mates. I really want to put up a fight!”

Source: QMMF Racing

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