Rosell fights the pain to bravely finish night race at Qatar

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Even though the final results were not what QMMF Racing had hoped for, the season-opening home race for the team at Qatar was still a milestone to be proud of. New QMMF rider Anthony West, who jumped in without any pre-season testing at all, learned enough about the bike over the weekend in order to give the technicians the input they need to make the overall package more competitive. Elena Rosell celebrated a personal victory, because she rode through the pain barrier with a fractured pelvis and an inflamed shoulder to score a heroic race finish.

Elena Rosell – 29th
“It was a very tough race for me because my inflamed shoulder still hurts like hell. In the beginning, I was able to ride at a good pace and I could hang on to the group with my team-mates Nasser, Anthony and Lundh. Later on, they were too fast for me, because it was really hard to maintain my rhythm due to the shoulder problem. But I managed to finish the race which makes me happy, especially for my team that put such an effort in to get things right for me!”

Source: QMMF Racing

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