Barbera not happy with fourth row start at home

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After a morning practice session that took place on a fully wet track, the weather during the qualifying this afternoon has given the riders a little break, even if the weather forecast for Jerez de la Frontera doesn’t promise anything good for tomorrow’s race.

Spaniard Hector Barbera was struggling to be comfortable on his Ducati, which held him back from contesting for faster times and a good grid position in the practice sessions. Qualifying saw the Pramac Team with a new set up, offering better front feel which was evident as Hèctor moved up the timesheet, before having to run a wide over the track.

But the 25-year-old wrapped up a decent 12th spot on the grid and will start from the fourth row.

Hèctor Barberà – 12th Place – 1’41.871
“To be honest I’m not happy with the result today, because I think that the fourth row on the grid is not my place. Despite that I have worked hard with my crew to gain even more grip on the front tyre in wet track conditions and better feel with my GP12 for tomorrow’s race. I struggled a lot with these tricky conditions but we still have tomorrow’s warm up to reduce my lack of confidence to bring it to a more comfortable level.”

Francesco Guidotti – Team Manager Pramac Racing
“Throughout the day we managed to find a setting that increased Hèctor’s feeling in the entrance of the corners and this kind of work has improved also the turnability of our bike, so Hèctor has been a little bit faster and more consistent.
We achieved a decent spot on the grid for tomorrow’s race and I’m confident in our potential if we have a good start once the red light goes out.”

Source: Pramac Racing

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