Simón disappointed with 23rd at home race: “It was worse than expected”

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Julián Simón and the Avintia Blusens team went through a hard time at the G.P of Jerez. The weather conditions as well as a crash on Saturday were not really helpful for him to help set up his new chassis – as he has hardly ever able to test it out on the dry. Subsequently very little was to be expected from a race in the dry as he had not had the opportunity to ride his bike in such conditions. Finally most of the race occured in the dry although it started to rain nine laps before the finish and Julián always remained in the top 20 even after sporadically dropping out of the race. The next round will take place next weekend in Estoril.

Ricard Jové (Team Manager Moto2): “Obviously we are all disappointed. Both Julián and the team has made a lof of effort lately to change the day but we haven’t been able to make it. Things weren’t appropriate for us to get ahead in this race – sure thing. We have only been able to take out the bike in the dry three times throughout the weekend. That´s why Julián has not managed to adapt – especially as he crashed yesterday. The page has to be turned, and support must be given to Julián as he deserves it – he does not deserve such results – and he knows that we will do everything we can to get out of here. Nobody – neither the rider nor the team nor the sponsors – like this situation but I can assure you that we will work hard to sort it – as atypical as it might sound.”

60 Julián Simón (23º +46.782): “I am disappointed. It was worse than expected. The new bike was lacking running in, I was lacking pace and of top of it I went off the track a couple of times. It is true that I have hardly ever been able to take it out in the dry and I still have bad reflexes from the old bike, but I have to move on anyhow. I am not feeling fine as my team deserves better, but I am already thinking about Estoril as this G.P is already for me to forget.”

Source: Avintia Racing

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