Rodriguez to change from FTR to Bimota at French Grand Prix in search of better results

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The famous circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the next track to host the 4th round of the 2012 world championship. Located 200 kilometers southwest of Paris, the French town of Le Mans had its Grand Prix debut in 1969, continuing until 1995 when it had to be put on hold for adjustments to meet the safety standards. From the year 2000 until today, the French Grand Prix is again ​​held at this track.

History is full of unexpected changes which made teams and athletes change the course of their season in search of results that show the real potential of the rider and machine combination. The Desguaces La Torre SAG Team in Moto2 with rider Ángel Rodriguez did not want to be satisfied with less and lacking the results which were expected at the beginning of the season, the team of Eduardo Perales has taken the decision to make a change of manufacturer, competing in the French Grand Prix with the Bimota HB4 2012.

Spaniard Ángel Rodriguez already welcomed the change of manufacturer and his priority is to improve his performance to achieve the goals he had set earlier this season. In addition, the technical crew of the Desguaces La Torre SAG Team already has the experience of their first year in Moto2 in which they competed the season with the chassis of the Italian brand.

“France is presented as a great opportunity to make a 180 degree change in our results and the change of manufacturer is a step towards what we want, which is nothing less than to be among the top ten. I had the opportunity to ride with Bimota at Aragón in 2010 and Albacete in 2011, the results weren’t bad at all, so hopefully it’ll be a big help for us going to Le Mans.”

EDU PERALES (SAG TEAM), General Manager:
“The change of manufacturer we did comes from our desire to achieve better positions. Sometimes, for the results to coome you have to make changes and looking back at our history we saw that Rodri didn’t do badly with Bimota, the opportunity presented itself and we didn’t want to waste it. Rodri will use the Bimota 2012 chassis at Le Mans and afterwards we’ll make a decision as a feedback function at the French track.”

Source: SAG Team

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