Engine failure costs Salom entire morning session and valuable setup time for new chassis

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An engine that was not running properly cost Luis Salom the morning session on the first day of the Catalunya GP. And because the Spaniard of RW Racing GP lost the morning he paid the price in the afternoon.

Kalex provided Salom with a new chassis. But a new chassis takes some time to set up. Since the first free practice in Barcelona was lost due to the engine failure, Salom needed the second session to set up the bike. The fact that he managed to set the ninth time of session is a sign he is moving in the right direction.

Luis Salom (9th): “It’s a waste of time we had to change engines between the first and second session. Especially because we had a lot of work to do with the new chassis. It’s a step we have to take. The engine was okay in the afternoon, but I couldn’t ride the bike the way I wanted to. We still have too many issues to solve. Especially in the fast corners I cannot push as hard as I have to.”

Team manager Johan Stigefelt: “It’s a pity we lost so much valuable time with the engine. Luckily everything is working right now and we are in the right direction. The heat is murderous, but for the bikes and the tires is doesn’t seem to be a problem at this point. It’s the first time this season we are in conditions like these. Everybody has to get used to it.”

Source: RW Racing GP

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