Vazquez, Martin and Moreno experience first day of highs and lows

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The JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse team had a day of highs and lows at the Circuit de Catalunya. Efrén Vázquez, who couldn’t start the race at Le Mans after qualifying for an excellent second position on the grid, was again the fastest rider of the team and although he was 9th fastest in the combination of the two free practice sessions, it’s not enough for him and the Basque rider as well as his team are looking for more. Efrén was 7th in the morning and 11th in the afternoon with much higher temperatures and without the bike setup being at 100%:

His teammate Adrián Martín finished far behind, but for the Valenciano the main goal for this race is no more crashes after his bad streak in Jerez, Estoril and Le Mans. The team knows full well that they can be further up the order and with work they’ll achieve that together.

Andalusian rider Iván Moreno tested a new fork this afternoon and couldn’t improve his laptime from this morning, but there are still two practice sessions before the race on Sunday and he has room for improvement.

#7 Efrén Vázquez 9º 1’53”979 “We’re working hard, because we got here and we had to completely turn the bike around compared to Le Mans, because these are very different circuits. In the morning I didn’t go too bad, but this afternoon we tried some different things, especially the hard front and rear tyre, because as we don’t have many tyres we have to ride with all of them. I’m far from the front, because we have to adjust the gears for this track, but the team is giving everything as always and tomorrow we certainly have room for improvement.”

#21 Iván Moreno 27º 1’55”325 “This morning I finished more satisfied, because I was riding very comfortable, but now in the afternoon we tested some different things to progress and go faster, but I think we needed more time to put everything into place. We continued to go as fast as this morning, but we have to follow this way and the team is working at the maximum to have the bike at 100%, so for tomorrow I’m confident to be able to get much further up.”

#26 Adrián Martín 28º 1’55”603 “I’m not very happy, because we’re very far behind and I don’t feel comfortable on the bike. But you have to go step by step and the most important is that we finished the first day without a crash. We’re also collecting a lot of data which helps us to improve the bike and get on the right way. Tomorrow in the free practice we hope to get the bike setup for the qualifying, but as I said, the important thing is not to have any more crashes and lose confidence. If we do that we can then move forward.”

Source: Team LaGlisse

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