Dani Pedrosa Blog: On Catalunya, testing and tyre safety

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It would have been good to have been celebrating a victory in Montmeló but in the end it was just the icing on the cake that was missing after a spectacular Grand Prix – both on the track as well, above all, in the crowd. From the first day at the circuit fans were encouraging me like they do every year and the truth is that you feel indebted to them. The warmth we received in the home races is something that cannot be described. I made a good start and I think until towards the end of the race we had a fast pace. The truth is that we have to improve that final stretch of a race because Jorge was able to keep up with me and managed to get into the lead. As I told you I was very pleased with the performance in Montmeló in spite of not having won.

Obviously it would have been great being able to celebrate with all of you that were cheering me on to a win in Barcelona, but I will just have to be content with the positive side, I picked up valuable points in the fight for the title. You know that we were testing yesterday at the same circuit and we tried the new front tyre that we will be supplied with as obligatory starting at Silverstone. We were lucky enough to be able to complete the scheduled tests because it did not rain. We tried different settings with the new tyre and the truth is that it took us a bit of time to find the setup that will allow us to get a fast pace on the track.

We understand that the aim is for safety to be improved with this new regulation but we do not think that things it is fair for all the constructors. Obviously it does not affect everybody to the same extent. It is taking a long time for us to adapt to it. Even so we will carry on fighting to be as fast as possible on the track and to put in some good races. I will tell how my week has gone next Monday.



Source: Repsol Blog

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