Terol fights through the field for a single point, Torres just behind in 16th

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At 12:20pm in Misano, the Moto2 class took to the grid for their scheduled San Marino GP. There were two starts to the race, as an engine issue for Gino Rea led to an oil spill on track at turn 16 and the red flag coming out. A rescheduled contest of 14 laps was set for the restart, with Andrea Iannone taking charge early on. Márquez and Espargaró joined him at the front as they cut his gap, then engaged in a battle of their own. In a race decided on the final lap, Márquez crossed the line ahead of Espargaró and Iannone.

Once again, MAPFRE Aspar rider Nico Terol had to put his head down in order to try and turn around a difficult weekend. This morning in the warmup he was able to make a small adjustment that allowed for more mobility with his bike. After the restart –from which he began in 21st on the grid- Terol looked to move up the order and made his way into fifteenth. He thus claimed another point for his tally, which could have been more with a little more aggression on the final laps.

Just behind Terol was teammate Jordi Torres. The Catalan was caught out by the tough nature of the opening laps and almost crashed out at turn six. He recovered and picked up his pace come close to a points finish –in sixteenth.

15th Nico Terol: “Finally we have brought this difficult weekend to a close. Every step that we took in previous races was frozen still this weekend. Despite everything, I am happy, because in the warmup we found the way forward that we had at Brno again. Thanks to this way of working, we were able to make the bike turn much better. I lacked a bit of decisiveness at the end. I have a very fine style and get a bit thrown off my race when I come up against other riders, as it is hard to keep the same line. I will have to keep getting used to riding side-by-side with other riders in order to overtake more easily. I am satisfied, because in the end we were able to make a comeback and pick up another point. I hope to continue like this at the next race; the team have worked very well and I am sure that we will be back to how we were at Brno –and in the race today- when we head to the next race.”

16th Jordi Torres: “At the beginning of the race I got blocked in by a lot of riders who passed me aggressively. I am not completely used to that and found it difficult to refocus. The fact that the race was restarted was very good for me, because I was able to learn more. On the restart I had trouble finding a gap, but I still stood firm and controlled my group. However, I made a mistake at turn six and the bike nearly went down, leading me to run off the track to avoid being thrown from the machine. I lost a lot of places then, which annoyed me and forced me to come back more focused. I started to put down a strong pace, the bike responded well and I was able to take sixteenth. It was another learning weekend for me; the mechanics worked to adapt to my riding style and I adapted to the bike more in each session. I am happy and hope to continue like this at Aragón.”

Source: Aspar Team Press Release

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