Third row for Efrén Vázquez in Motegi: Moncayo & Martin not far behind

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After a first day of hard work, the JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse team was again able to put their three riders I the first part of the grid. Efrén Vázquez will start tomorrow’s race from 9th position, Adrián Martín from 16th just besides Alberto Moncayo from Andalucía JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse in 15th place.

During the morning the riders worked with their respective technical teams to improve the rhythm with regards to race distance and to get their FTR-Honda bikes set up to the point.In the afternoon, with everything in its place, they fought hard to achieve a good position on the grid. Vázquez improved his best time from Friday by more tan two seconds and also Martín as well as Moncayo improved significantly.

Tomorrow’s objective for the team will be to finish in the top ten with all their riders.

Efren Vazquéz
It went a bit better than yesterday, we worked well with the bike. But what made the biggest difference was the new engine we use for qualifying and race, because in a circuit like this with so much acceleration it has helped us to improve. Overall I’m happy with my position. I think tomorrow will be a close race and even though I think it might be a bit harder for me than in Aragón, I hope I will fight hard and feel comfortable on the bike.

Adrian Martín
Today was a bit better and things turned out the way we wanted. This morning we did a lot of great work, and even though this is not reflected in the qualifying position, we learned some important things, and I think we can have a good race tomorrow. This afternoon we used the tyres well, and even though I didn’t manage the perfect lap, I am happy. If we stay calm we find our rhythm and can achieve a good result. We worked hard as a team and it’s showing.

Alberto Moncayo
The day’s been difficult. This morning we tried a few things which helped us to improve the the feeling when braking hard, but still the bike doesn’t quite respond the way I want it to. This is a circuit with a lot of hard braking and the last part of the track is costing me much time because I can’t ride the bike around the corners like I want to. The objective for tomorrow is to make a good start and pass as many riders as I can. I like the track a lot but I lack the confidence to attack it properly.

Source: Team Laglisse

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