Day of hard work for JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse in Sepang FP1 & FP2

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The first day of free practice for the Malaysian GP have been used by the JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse team for the setup of their bikes for the race.

Efrén Vázquez reached the 13th quickest time and believes that tomorrow, with a newer engine, he can compensate for what he lost today in the long straights of the circuit. His feelings with his FTR Honda have been more positive than in Japan. His team mate Adrián Martín has continued in the improving form that he already showed in Motegi and finished close to Efrén.

On the Andalucía JHK T-Shirt LaGLisse side of the garage, there’s also been a lot of work. While trying to set up the bike for the race, the team found a way to improve Alberto Moncayo’s feeling on the bike, but the falling rain towards the end of the session didn’t allow then to test this further.

Efrén Vázquez
We have been working on the setup and we are aware that we’re always a little behind on Fridays because we keep the better engines for qualifying and race. But when it comes to pace and set up the feeling has been good and we’re hoping to be able to be higher up. I’ve got a better taste in the mouth than in Japan where I always struggle.

Adrián Martín
The beginning has been more positive than it had been in other races. We’re concentrating on finding our pace and getting as many laps in as possible. I think tomorrow, with the new engine in, we can secure us a spot in the top ten. It would be very nice to be able to finish the year with confidence and give some good results to the team and sponsors. Without doubt, that would be incredible. I am the first to be working at my maximum and also the team has been giving it everything.

Alberto Moncayo
The truth is, it’s been a complicated day in every sense. This morning we tried things that were very different from Japan, and even though we improved a little, we’re not really moving forward. In the afternoon we returned to the old basic setup and improved a bit, but the way to ride the bike has changed completely. Now we have to improve the front to see if the rear really has improved.

Jaime Fdez-Avilés (Team Manager)
Today we’ve been working on the setup of the bikes and it seems we’re in a better position than in Japan. Tomorrow we will put the new engine in, and with today’s work and more speed we hope to be in the top five with Efrén. Adrián follows the same line as in Japan, but he’s stronger despite suffering a crash. But tomorrow I hope he can place himself within the top ten in qualifying.

Source: JHK T-Shirt LaGlisse Team

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