Cardús fights through to 17th despite back injury

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The technicians of the Argiñano Racing Team used the warm up to prepare a Moto2 bike to race standards. Ricky Cardús did well and rode close to his qualifying time.

In the box the confidence grew that taking away points this weekend was possible. Cardús had a decent start, keeping his position and started advancing from lap 5. He was in a group that covered positions 13 to 18 so points were within reach. In the same group was French rider Di Meglio, who Ricky managed to overtake with 8 laps to go. But then the bike bucked and the jerk injured Ricky’s back. This way he lost the chances to improve and finished the race as 17th.

Cardús set a good race pace which he wasn’t able to produce all weekend. The ARG team proved again that they can permanently contest for the points.

Ricky Cardús
It’s been a difficult race. I didn’t lose any positions at the start and I found myself in a group that rode in the mid 35s, something I hadn’t been able to do all weekend. In some parts I was better, in others my opponents were quicker. But I hung on because I knew with slightly worn tyres I’d be able to go quicker. But when I overtook Di Meglio I made a mistake, I accelerated where the track was a bit dirty and the jerk of the bike hurt my back
I had already had some small problems during warm up but a massage had solved the problem.
I started losing 1.5 seconds per lap and because I wanted to finish the race I had to try and manage my riding. I’m sorry for the sponsors and the team, who already had to finished very late on Friday because they had to repair my bike after the two crashes. This was 100% my fault.

Source: Argiñano Racing

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