Barbera makes his CRT debut in wet conditions at Valencia

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Rider Héctor Barberá who has recently signed up for Avintia Blusens MotoGP enables the Spanish team to become one of the most solid ones in the CRT for the 2013 season. Barberá who finished second in the 2004 world championship in 125c.c and also in 2009 in 250c.c. will start his fourth season in MotoGP riding Avintia Blusens CRT and surprisingly enough his teammate Hiroshi Aoyama was his ex-rival in the 2009 250c.c. world championship, won by the Japanese rider. A nice coincidence, but also a sign that the team has a great potential this year as it is formed by the top 2.

Today was nearly the same as yesterday in terms of climatological conditions. Many riders decided to keep off the track as the asphalt was in very bad conditions though it eventually proved possible to ride in the dry as the day was coming to an end. Hiroshi Aoyama somehow achy also chose this option preferring to rest in order to recover properly and be in great shape for the next training practice scheduled in late November. Barberá went the opposite way as he completed quite a few laps taking frequent breaks in order to set everything up to his liking trying variations on the electronics. At the end of the day he is setting the tone for the forthcoming work on the Avintia Blusens CRT. These working days did not prove to be as fruitful as expected due to the meteorological conditions but they have enabled the Avintia Blusens MotoGP team to set all the different components in motion to ensure a great season to come.

8_Héctor Barberá: “Clearly he weather was not on our side but I am happy with the work we have done though. These days we have ridden numerous laps in very small batches which enabled me to set everything up to my liking and discover a little more how the motorbike works. We have managed to set the basics for the season to come although we have to further investigate and compile information. The sensations were of course quite different from what I am used to but it’s positive because the bike is fun to ride the engine is surprisingly powerful and I think it’s got potential. Yesterday we worked with the engine brake and other aspects to try to understand the bike a little bit better. There are still a lot of things to be tried out and improved. Actually this is not the definitive bike so that’s why I think we are going to do a good job.”

Raúl Romero (MotoGP Team Manager): “I am glad to have two great riders such as Héctor and Hiroshi in the team – a top 2 I am convinced we’ll achieve great things with. Our first MotoGP season has now finished and we have managed to carry out our project. However we were not able to evolve as far as expected. As a matter of fact and though it might sound like a lie it rained in most G.P’s and every time we had scheduled training practices. It may sound like a joke but the rain has been a crucial factor in our evolution. I only hope it won’t rain in Jerez – where the next training practices will take place – so we can finish off the year with our two new recruits making tests in the dry and go further with the bike’s development so we are completely ready for the 2013 season.”

Source: Avintia Racing Press Release

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