AllMine MotoGP™ interactive card game available now for iOS and Android

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AllMine MotoGP™ is an officially licensed interactive card game that lets you enjoy the fascinating world of motorcycle playing cards with real racing teams and riders.
AllMine MotoGP™ offers you the possibility to play alone, against your friends or people from all over the world to find out who knows the most about MotoGP™ and become the best player in your country or around the world! AllMine MotoGP™ has different decks available, with which players pit their cards against each other as they aim to win the game by collecting the whole deck.

AllMine MotoGP™ offers 3 different decks, which include MotoGP™ circuits and riders, including those of the intermediate and lightweight classes. MotoGP™ lovers will have an advantage and will have far better chances of winning than others.

AllMine MotoGP™ Pro is available for 1.77€ ( from Google Play on android devices and is available for $1.99 ( from the App Store on iPhone and iPad. Both are also available in Lite version.

For more information about AllMine MotoGP™, visit Facebook and Twitter:


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