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MAL_TEST_REPSOL-37Hello there,
Another Monday! Last week I asked you about the new bike, and seeing that many of you have given your opinions and what is more, most of you liked it, I thought that now is the time to give you mine.

The reality is that I like the new design. But if we go into detail I especially like the touch of white that there is on the bike now. The team mechanics also say that when the bike comes onto the straight it is even easier to spot. In addition I think that it has a much cleaner, fresher image, and at the same time it is more modern. I think they have got the changes made to the design just right.

By the way, I am also putting the finishing touches to the colours that will be on my gloves and boots, so as soon as we have decided, I promise to tell you.

At this moment in time we are right in the middle of the pre-season. The objective is to recharge my batteries as much as possible so we can begin the season in tip-top form. So it is time to alternate all kinds of exercise: motocross, gymnasium, bicycle whenever possible…but the fact is that in winter I cannot get on the bike as much as I would like. When the weather is fine I usually go out on the road bike but in winter it is more complicated. You all know that I like riding a lot and I have said a few times in the past that if I was not a MotoGP rider I would have been a cyclist. But the truth is that I am very happy doing what I do and I have never thought about what I would be doing if I was not a MotoGP rider.

In the pre-season we also have a bit more time to follow other sports. I have been watching the Spanish handball team, I have also been following Dani Sordo in the WRC a lot… Even though I am not a big football fan as I get older I am getting more interested in it, and when there are important matches, like the ones that are coming up shortly, I try to watch them. But it also depends on where I am when they are on.

Greetings to you all, see you next Monday.

Source: Repsol Honda Blog

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