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Moto2 and Moto3 Riders Likely To Turn Soft On Return To Europe


After tough conditions at the untried Circuit of the Americas track last time out, the Moto2 and Moto3 riders are heading to the Spanish circuit of Jerez where there is a wealth of experience and data. While America called for the harder tyres to combat the abrasive new asphalt, riders will be given softer options for Jerez. Two IRTA tests before the start of the season were held at Jerez and the tyre allocation has been based on the findings.

In Moto2, teams will have the choice of the ‘302’ soft and the medium ‘345’ for the front. ‘345’ is the most recent addition to the compound range and was used during the final four events of 2012. For the rear the riders will be able to choose from the very popular ‘3854’ soft option and the medium compound ‘3855’.

As for Texas, Moto3 riders have been allocated ‘M’ medium and ‘H’ hard front tyres along with ‘S’ soft and ‘M’ medium rears.

Both classes have the use of three sets of wet tyres which can be increased to four if all practice sessions are affected.

Clinton Howe, Operations Manager Motorcycle Grand Prix
“Texas put the Dunlops to the test because of having no track data, the cold weather conditions and continuous cold wind. We took our harder option rears to combat the heavy abrasion levels that we expected and it proved quite capable of achieving good consistent lap times. It was on the hard tyre that Johann Zarco rode from 17th on the grid to finish sixth. Surprisingly some riders chose not to test the hard option but it shows how different riders use their tyres – Nico Terol went for the softer option and by setting up his bike for used tyres managed to win the race, having only used five rear tyres throughout the whole weekend. We now have plenty of information to take forward for 2014’s Circuit of the Americas round and there are already plans to develop a rear tyre that will work well for everyone.
“Looking ahead, Jerez is a circuit we know well. Last year a large proportion of the Moto2 riders chose the ‘302’ soft fronts and the ‘3854’ rears. It will be interesting to see how many move to the new medium’345’ which offers similar grip with added stability in hotter conditions but maybe doesn’t have the early warm-up that the softer tyre has. Both tyres will work – it will be a case of finding which suits each rider the best and that should bring us great racing.”

Source: Dunlop Motorsport

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