Alex Rins interview: “My aim is to fight for the win at every race”

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Alex Rins looks back positively on his first half of the Moto3 season, in which he has only placed off the podium at Jerez and has two victories —in Austin and Germany. The 2012 Rookie of the Year has become one of the candidates for the title in Moto3 this season.

What evaluation do you make of the first half of the season?

“A positive one. We did not expect to be up so high, fighting for the podium at every race. It’s a shame about the crash that we had in Jerez, because I think we are having a great start to the season.”

You’ve been on the podium at every race in which you’ve finished. Do you feel you have met the objectives set at the beginning of the year?

“Yes. In fact, we have had to rethink our goals for the upcoming races. At the beginning, our goal was to score points in every race, without crashing and placing as high up as possible. Having seen how things have gone, we’ve created other challenges, such as trying to fight for victory at every race, which really feels good.”

Have you changed much today from the Alex Rins who arrived in the series last year?

“Yes, I have changed for the better, both on track and off. I have more experience, I stay longer to talk for more time with my technicians and analyse everything better. On the track, I’m more aggressive and know what to do at all times, but it is still a little difficult.”

What would you highlight about your rivals Salom and Viñales?

“With Salom, his great ability to judge the final laps of the race. As for Maverick [Viñales], his ability to quickly get on the pace.”

alex-rins-42-moto3-motogpIn the closing stages of the race, with so many riders close together, what is the best strategy for winning?

“Being lucky, analysing the situation well and knowing when to push.”

There are two people who are a constant in your day to day life at the races: Emilio Alzamora and your teammate, Alex Marquez. What can you tell us about them?

“Emilio is a person who has confidence in me and helps me a lot, along with Jose Luis Carrion, the team coordinator. The truth is that I am very grateful to him. Alex is my teammate and off track we get along well, but there are no friends out on track.”

Which riders do you admire in Moto2 and MotoGP?

“In Moto2 I really like Pol Espargaro and Scott Redding, because both are very aggressive and are leading the World Championship. I really like the way they work. In MotoGP I watch everybody. Those who are up at the top of the standings are very good, like Jorge [Lorenzo], Valentino [Rossi], Marc [Marquez], Dani [Pedrosa] and Crutchlow.”

Are you already thinking about Moto2?

“No. I’m focused on this season in Moto3, in going race by race. Now it’s time to think about this, and Moto2 comes later on.”

This year you are sleeping at the circuits. How is life there after dark?

“At first I needed some time to adapt to sleeping somewhere other than my bed or at a hotel, and to get used to the noise and commotion of the people at the circuits. In Jerez, for example; that was the first time I slept at a track, I arrived on Wednesday and on Thursday morning I overslept! I never heard the alarm! Since then I have an insecurity about this, and now I always have to get someone to come and wake me up.”

This summer, will you be at the beach or in the mountains?

“Both. In the mountains I love to train —either jogging or cycling. The beach is a bit more for disconnecting.”

How many kilometres will you do on the bike this summer? How many have you done this year?

“Maybe 400. Every time I go out, I do an average of 60 or 70 kilometres. This year, from February until today, I have done 700km.”

What do you like to train most and least?

“What I like least about training is doing it alone. What I like most is getting better every day and creating difficult challenges to overcome. My coach and I have small competitions against each other, such as strength-resistance circuits. He who does it fastest, wins. Every time we win, we score points and, when we finish the championship, the loser has to buy something for the other.”

Source: Repsol Media


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