Faulty sensor ruins Hector Barberá’s Sunday

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The Aragón GP held little luck for Héctor Barberá who suffered from different problems all throughout the weekend.

Despite a promising start on Friday, during the last free practice and qualifying on Saturday, things took a downturn for Héctor. The bike suffered from strong chatter which made the bike very difficult to ride.

He and the team decided to re-fit the old engine for today to try and eliminate the vibration the new engine seemed to cause. But a faulty sensor meant that the Blusens Avintia rider was not allowed to commence the race from the grid after being unable to get the bike started within the time limit. The mechanics tried their best to fix the problem, but in the end the decision was made to start on the second bike from pitlane.

Barberá tried to make up the time lost at the start to catch up to his rivals, but seeing that the bike still suffered from strong chatter, he decided to retire from the race.

#8 Héctor Barberá
We’ve had much bad luck. It’s been a very complicated GP with all the problems we’ve had, especially with the vibrations in the bike with the new engine. For today we decided to use the previous bike with the old engine, but when the sensor failed I had to go out again on the other bike with the new engine. Now the team is working very hard to try and solve the problems and make sure that we can use the new engine without problems.

Source: Avintia Racing

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