Moncayo fails to meet his objectives at Aragon

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While the Argiñano & Ginés Racing Team works on finalizing plans for the 2014 season, both current riders continue to lack a bit of good luck. Odeldaal suffered a crash in the first lap and also Moncayo failed to reached his goal of getting into the top 20.

It rained again in the night, but Sunday dawned with the promise to allow the spectacle on track to go ahead. Nico Terol dominated from start to finish to bring home his second victory of the season. Espargaró and Redding had the crowd on the edge of their seats. The first Speed Up was that of Pasini in 9th position.

#17 Alberto Moncayo – 21st place
The warm up was complicated because I didn’t understand the bike and had no idea what to say to the mechanics to make it work better. The race seemed like another practice session. We changed something on the pivot and the result surprised me. Already in the first lap I could improve my laptime from the entire weekend. I started to ride in the 56, I felt comfortable with a full tank. But when the fuel level went down I couldn’t enter into the corners as well anymore. We’ll see if shifting more weight to the front will help us make the bike easier to ride. Many thanks to the mechanics for all their hard work and sorry for being a bit off with them, I suppose I was nervous because I couldn’t find myself nor the right bike setup. Thanks to the team.

Source: Argiñano & Ginés Racing

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