Oliveira sixth on opening day at Phillip Island

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1_large min The return to the Phillip Island circuit, where the Portuguese pilot took the 2nd place of the podium last year, has been marked by positive results and best times compared to the homologous practices of 2012. Miguel Oliveira get the 6th fastest time of the day in the second practices, only after 5 days over his last race.

Like the last circuits, where the weather has hampered pilot’s movements and choices, Phillip Island, at 16th stage of the MotoGP World Championship, started the day with low temperatures and an asphalt still cold, which forced them to redouble attention especially in the early laps until the tires were able to reach its normal temperature. “The first practice was quite cold and windy, so I began calmly in order to avoid something unexpected,” Miguel Oliveira confirms that it seems, however, to has easily overcome the initial barrier of the climate, and not being intimidated with that even by the curve 1, where several pilots fell.

Right from the first session, the Portuguese pilot who wants to repeat the podium of the last year in Australia and also coming from a 3rd place last Sunday, was able to get his bike to get 241.3 km / h, with final time of 1m39.086s. In the second practice, with the same motivation, the results were even better, getting the 6th place and a final time of 1m38.488s. “At the moment, it already runs quite fast and even faster than last year,” recalls the only Portuguese in competition.

Already in preparation for tomorrow, Miguel Oliveira is concentrating to the particularities of this circuit and doen’t forget details of the track and weather with which he will have to rely to ensure his best: “I have been able to go faster than my best record here last year, but the strong wind that is felt, even pushes us out of the track which determinates better perfomances. ”

With three races to go in the championship and just five days after the last race, Miguel Oliveira is very motivated after his 1st podium of the season, the first with Mahindra. This is a circuit that the Portuguese pilot really likes since it suits with his driving style and because it’s very fluid. With more data to analyze, Miguel Oliveira wants that the time will be favorable for achieving a good performance in the race. “I hope that tomorrow the sun will keep and make less wind, since this time of year, here, doesn’t have the best weather conditions for this sport.”

Source: Miguel Oliveira Official Website

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