Bautista just off front row in Australia but wary about safety of tyre situation

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0343_P16_Bautista_boxAlvaro Bautista missed out on the front row by very little today. At Phillip Island, the GO & FUN Honda Gresini rider was competitive from the very first practice held yesterday morning. Fast and determined, he quickly found a good feeling with his bike and set a good pace.

During morning practice today he was forced to use a hard tyre which is not conducive to safety and which incurs significantly more wear than the soft tyre. To counter a ‘blistering’ problem, the race tomorrow may be a flag-to-flag contest. Bautista hopes that the best, safest decision possible is made, but is much more confident with the softer rubber choice.

Alvaro Bautista (4th 1’28”713) “It was a good day on the one hand and on the other hand a difficult one. The good side was that we put in such a great time that placed us on the second row in fourth position, just a few thousandths of a second off the front row. The tough part was that we were forced to use the hard tyre this morning in order to verify some safety parameters that were far inferior to those of the soft tyre. Now we are waiting on an important decision about whether it will be a flag-to-flag race and our hope and that we keep a free choice over the tyres, because with the soft rubber we have put in 22 laps and it is much safer for us. It will be an important decision that I hope will be taken with consideration, because I believe that the safety of the riders is fundamental and important, plus we don’t want a ‘false’ sense of competition.”

Fausto Gresini “Once again, Alvaro shown that he is in good form and that the rider-bike package is competitive. He never wastes a chance to do well. Unfortunately he narrowly missed out on the front row, which was a real possibility. However, we are pleased with the day and at the same time a bit worried about the decision to be made about the race tomorrow. A flag-to-flag race is put in place to comply with certain standards of safety, but we have seen that, especially for Alvaro, safety is definitely higher with the use of soft tyres here. For this reason I hope that the decision is as balanced as possible, taking into consideration the sporting side as well.”

Source: Gresini Racing

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