Marc Marquez promotes sport for people with limited mobility

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Marc Marquez, Isidre Esteve, Alex Criville, Toni Bou, Carlos Checa and Takahisa Fujinami undertook a special training session at the High Performance Centre in San Cugat de Valles (Barcelona) on Monday. The reigning MotoGP World Champion and his colleagues shared exercises with the beneficiaries of the “Centro Puente” 2014 project –promoted by the Repsol Foundation and the Isidre Esteve Foundation. The project provides people with reduced mobility with help to adapt their training to their limitations and continue full integration in sports participation.

The initiative boosts the practice of sport amongst people with reduced mobility, through the adaptation of activities in a conventional gymnasium. After a spinal injury or illness deriving from any type of disability, many people abandon participation in sporting activities. This means leaving behind a healthy habit, a great means of socialising and a source of psychological therapy.

Marquez, Criville, Checa, Bou and Fujinami were able to experience, under the guidance of Esteve, how this type of training works. They sent out a clear message to everyone with spinal injuries and other disabilities: It is worth it to get out and practice sport.

Part of the funds raised by the Superprestigio Dirt Track race organized by RPM and held in Barcelona on January 11th, has been donated to the project. The Repsol Foundation matched this amount, covering the costs of the personnel and equipment for the “Centro Puente” and consolidating the programme started by the Isidre Esteve Foundation in Vigo and Madrid.

Repsol, present at the highest level of competition for 45 years, participate in diverse projects for the training of youngsters and the support of grass roots sport. Through the Repsol Foundation, the company also pushes to eliminate physical, social and psychological barriers to achieve the full integration of people with reduced mobility.

The Isidre Esteve Foundation is an entity which seeks to improve the quality of life of people affected by spinal injuries, without forgetting the link between Isidre Esteve and the world of sport.

Marc Marquez, 2013 MotoGP World Champion
“I am very happy to be here. This is my second experience with the Isidre Esteve Foundation and it has been very positive and fun to train with them, as besides the work that they do, you can also do the same exercises. I love being able to help with this type of initiative, as it is always important to give extra motivation to these people.”

Isidre Esteve, President of Isidre Esteve Foundation
“This project was born from my personal experience: When I had my accident in 2007, I saw that when rehabilitation was over, many of my colleagues had fears about day-to-day activity and leading a normal life. We have to provide the tools to people with disabilities to ensure that physical activity motivates them, and that they can see that there is a future which –whilst different– should be approached with optimism.”

Javier Inclan, Social and Institutional Director of Repsol Foundation
“In Repsol and the foundation we believe in the full integration of people with reduced mobility. In the company, which is top ranked for the creation of jobs for disabled people, what we do through projects like this is use sport as a tool for social integration.”

Source: Repsol Media

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