Kenny Noyes interview: “I will compete on CEV with Kawasaki Palmeto”

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After an intense dirt track Saturday in Elche, Kenny Noyes answered questions when the dust raised by Noyes Camp motorbikes still remains on the ambient. There was no longer sunlight and he and his companions worked to get everything ready for Sunday, when the second and final day of the workshop would take place.

“If his name is Kenny, how is it that can speak Spanish so well?” said one of the onlookers who had come to see what happened on the circuit. “His father is the man in the cap that talk about motorbikes on TV?” wondered another. Many questions for a simple answer : Kenny Noyes is a driver who, above all, knows how to go fast on a motorcycle. And, if you do that on racing, no matter what language you speak or who is your father.

Which is the current situation of Camp Noyes and what future projects are foreseen?

We’re seated in Motorland. We finished the circuits and the plan for this year will be very similar to last year, with courses and careers. We are working to add some 450cc dirt track bikes, also to take a course of this type aimed at a professional audience at the same time we create a team dedicated to this specialty. The basis of the Camp will be the same and will include improvements.

You’ve been one of the main drivers of the dirt track in Spain. What expectations do you have for this discipline?

It always have existed as a method of speed training for riders. And it will. Kenny Roberts, Rainey, Pedrosa, Crivillé and much more practiced it… Behind closed doors, but they did. I have no idea if that will mean that there will be dirt track championships and drivers will be engaged exclusively to it. Maybe yes or maybe not. My goal is to get it as far as possible, to all places.

There has been much speculation about where are you competing in 2014. In social networks even was rumored that you were going to participate in the World Superbike with EVO. Where we will be able to see that this season?

In the Superbike category of the CEV with the Palmetto team and a Kawasaki.

How do you see the level of the CEV? What chance do you think you’re heading into 2014?

Our goal is to win the championship. Ivan Silva and Carmelo Morales are the rivals to beat, and I think we can do it . We must also be aware of who can arrive an be competitive. For me, the most competitive option was the Kawasaki- Michelin combination. Not for long , because Dunlop is working hard on its tires and is in a good time but I am delighted because we have a choice to win the championship.

How have you being prepared across the winter season?

The Noyes Camp helps me a lot. I had always gone to the gym and had run a lot, but this winter I started to practice a lot cycling, especially mountain biking. It is a way similar to the training bike. I have to be careful to avoid injury because it is easy to get injured but between the bicycle, Noyes Camp and fitness I think my preparation is better than any other year.

What is your opinion about the internationalization of the CEV?

I like what they are doing with the CEV from the point of view of professionalization, it is a good step before the World Cup. However, for young drivers trying to enter, it is too expensive. Not only because it will race at Portimao, for example, but by formula Moto3 . With this system rider father or sponsor have to pay the motorbike to run. We ‘re talking about numbers around 200,000 euros for seven or eight races, and this makes it very difficult entry. If the way taken is to create a little European Championship that’s fine but the Copa de España ​​should drive it more to fulfill the actual role of the CEV.

This change will benefit therefore foreign quarry to the detriment of the Spanish ?

That is what they are looking for. But of course the Spanish quarry will always be there because there are still fast riders and riders who are moving up. The problem is that whereas some years before there was a lot of promotional formulas to help them now there are none.

Interview by Cristian Ramon Marin Sanchiz

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