Ana Carrasco frustrated with setup and 25th place Qatar grid slot

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RW Racing GP’s Spanish rider Ana Carrasco will start the Grand Prix of Qatar from 25th on the grid.

Ana Carrasco was hit by a different kind of trouble: a lack of confidence caused by a problem with the engine that could not be fixed at the spot. Together with engine supplier KTM the team is trying to find to solution.

As a consequence Carrasco had no choice but to try her best. She managed to get the maximum out of the qualifying session and ride one perfect lap in the final minutes with which she improved her time and her position.

RW Racing GP team manager Jarno Janssen expressed his anxiety towards Carrasco. “Ana is very upset. The team has done everything to improve the bike but it turns out to be more complicated than we expected. It’s obvious we continue working on it to give Ana the best possible material. It’s going to be another long night of hard work to get it right.”

Ana Carrasco – 2.09,084 (25)
“I’m totally upset. I’m happy that I could improve my time and move up a bit with one perfect lap, but that’s about it. There is something wrong with the engine and the team cannot fix it. My mechanics have really put their back into it, until deep in the night, but it still doesn’t feel good.
Hopefully there is a solution so that I can start tomorrow’s warm-up with a good engine and we’ll be able to try something to improve the setup as well.”

Source: RW Racing GP

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