Cautious start to French GP weekend for Ana Carrasco

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ana carrasco

The first day of the French GP on the Bugatti track of the famous 24 Hours circuit in Le Mans was a bit nervous for both Ana Carrasco and teammate Scott Deroue. Although the results in terms of classification seem disappointing, both RW Racing GP riders were only 2 seconds from the fastest time of the day.

The Bugatti track is quite difficult because of its changing character. Part of it is stop-and-go, part of it is flowing. Both parts require a different handling.

Ana Carrasco was able to use every minute of the practices time to try to setup the bike, which wasn’t easy.

Nevertheless both riders improved their times dramatically over the two practices. Again it was obvious how small the differences are in the Moto3 class: although in 28th and 29th Carrasco and Deroue are only two seconds adrift from the fastest time.

Ana Carrasco – 28 (1.45,304)
“I’m happy, but I’m struggling with the bike. When the rear is fine, the front is nervous and when the front is fine, the rear is nervous. We still need some time to find a compromise to have it working in all parts of the track.”

Source: RW Racing GP

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