Ana Carrasco battles her way through thrilling Mugello GP

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ana carrasco

Numerous overtaking manoeuvres and extremely close racing made the Moto3 race of the Grand Prix of Italy quite a thrill. Scott Deroue and Ana Carrasco were entangled in the middle of the action all the time. Ana Carrasco eventually just fell a few inches short in the fight for 19th.

The race was action-packed from the first to the last second. Both RW Racing GP riders had a good start and won positions, with Deroue in 24th at the end of the first lap and Carrasco in 29th. Both of them continued their way up in the busy crowd.

From about the fifth lap two big groups were formed: about 15 front runners divided by the rest by just a few seconds. Gradually the two groups fell apart in smaller groups, with Deroue in a group of seven (with Sissis, Grünwald, Kent, Locatelli, Oettl and Ferrari) that was riding in 15th to 21st and changing positions all the time. Carrasco was right behind them together with Livio Loi.

Ana Carrasco saw her team mate crashing when she was duelling with Loi and Bryan Schouten. She was able to hold off Schouten but fell just a meter short to beat Loi.

Ana Carrasco – 20 (+38.516)
“What a race that was! I was in a constant duel with Loi and it was great. Unfortunately we couldn’t stick with the group ahead of us, and be in the fight for points.
I had a good start and won five positions in the first lap. We moved up to 23, 24 and ended up fighting for 19th, changing positions all the time in the final lap. I tried to use the slipstream to the finish line, but I just fell short a meter or so.
I’m happy with the race. I won 13 positions, I was able to fight all the time and my pace was good: for almost all of the race I was faster than in practice. It is clear we have to work on that, to be further up on the grid and being in a better position to fight for points.”

Source: RW Racing GP

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