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Dunlop’s FIM Moto2 and Moto3 World Championship riders will be racing in Spain on 15th June at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya with another test taking place two days later for Moto2 tyre testing to further develop the 2015 specifications.

Following the racing at Mugello, this circuit is another track with high mechanical grip and has eight right hand and five left hand corners in addition to a 1.047km straight.

The forces in the right sides of tyres are extremely high. Stability is an important factor because of the mechanical grip – riders are travelling faster through the turns because fo the grip level which in turn generates higher temperatures. The tyres need to be capable of withstanding the demands because high temperatures could result in lateral movement.

To meet the needs, Dunlop is nominating the hard+ compound in two different construction – 067a and 067b for the rear. For the front the medium and hard compound tyres will be available. Moto3 riders will have the option of medium and hard compounds for both front and rear.

Two days after the races, Moto2 riders will be testing potential 2015 specification tyres. This follows testing at Mugello two weeks ago when, in mixed weather conditions, riders put the new fronts and rear specifications to good use. If not for rain showers more could have been achieved but what was learned was very satisfactory and a good starting point for confirmation testing in Barcelona.

Tyre allocation and colour codes:

Fronts 120/75R17, 4 x 302 (medium – black Dunlop logo on silver background) and 4 x 102 (hard – yellow Dunlop on black)
Rears, 195/75R17, 5 x 067a (special hard) and 4 x 067b (special hard)

Fronts: 95/75R17, 5 x Medium (black Dunlop on silver) and 3 x Hard (yellow Dunlop on black)
Rears: 115/75R17 , 6 x Medium (black Dunlop on silver)and 3 x Hard (yellow Dunlop on black)

The riders will have three sets of wet tyres with an additional set being permitted if all sessions are declared wet.

Clinton Howe, Operations Manager Motorcycle Grand Prix
“Catalunya certainly gives our tyres a good work out but we know that we have good options for the riders. We had a great race last year and hopefully our riders will be on as good form this year. We expect the pace to have improved with the 2014 tyres and we will be interested to get the feedback on the 2015 options that we will test following the race which should have even better operating windows.”

Source: Dunlop Motorsport

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