Hard-fought 30th for Ana Carrasco at Catalunya

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ana carrasco

The physical and mental pain from her crash in qualifying pursued Ana Carrasco in the Moto3 race of the GP of Catalunya, giving the Spanish heroine a very hard time. Despite the pain she fought as hard as she could not to finish last and she succeeded.

RW Racing GP team manager Jarno Janssen was just as disappointed as the girl herself. “We knew it was not going to be easy as Ana still suffered from yesterday’s crash. The adrenalin of the race eases the pain a bit, but it still is hard to fight through it.”

Ana Carrasco – 30 (+1.01,152)
“I’m still pretty battered from yesterday’s crash and my whole body hurts. The forces on your body in a race don’t make it less painful. I did what I could, but the 22 laps were really tough. Anyway I’m happy I didn’t finish last.”

Source: RW Racing GP

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