Tough first day at the Sachsenring for Isaac Viñales

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Today hasn’t seen the best of starts to the German GP for Isaac Viñales or Team Calvo.

Viñales arrived at the circuit with tonsillitis and he got on the bike with a very high fever, which prevented him from displaying his usual good performance.

In the afternoon he was almost in worse condition, and even though the team gave him the option not to go out, the Catalan rider wanted to partake in the session, which proved to be very difficult for him.

Viñales hopes to feel better tomorrow to be able to secure a good position on the starting grid.

#32 Isaac Viñales – 21st place – 1.28.817 / @ISAAC_VINYALES
It’s been a very difficult day. I’m very exhausted and we couldn’t do anything because I felt a bit dizzy on the bike. I’ve got tonsillitis, this morning I had a fever of 39 degrees, yesterday 40, and today I still felt very rough. It’s very difficult to say whether the bike goes well or not because I have no pace and I could hardly complete a lap without problems. I don’t ride the same and felt a bit all over the place. Tomorrow, with the help of the Clinica Mobile, we’ll try to find a setup that works well for qualifying and attempt to classify in a good position on Sunday’s grid.

Source: Team Calvo

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