CEV Repsol, Algarve: Quartararo & Raffin, Moto3 & Moto2 champions. Morales, double winner in Superbike

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There were celebrations today at the Algarve International Circuit on the sixth anniversary of the opening of the Portuguese track: Quartararo in Moto3™, Alt and Pons in Moto2™ and Morales twice in the Superbike category took victories in front of seven thousand fans, with Fabio Quartararo in Moto3 and Jesko Raffin in Moto2 being crowned FIM CEV Repsol 2014 Champions.

In Moto3, Fabio Quartararo (FRA-Honda) went to the front right from the start and quickly established his position as undisputed leader. Behind came a group of four riders – Nicolo Bulega (ITA-KTM), Remy Gardner (AUS-KTM), Marcos Ramírez (SPA-Ioada-Honda) and Gabriel Rodrigo (ARG-KTM) – who competed fiercely for the remaining podium positions and delighted the crowd with some spectacular passing moves. On lap 13 the Argentine rider went down, putting him out of the leading places. The remaining three riders of the leading group faced the final lap with everything to fight for, each looking for a good slipstream to get them onto the podium. Completed the 16 laps, Quartararo took the win, earning the “A year’s free Repsol fuel” prize, with Bulega and Ramírez taking the remaining honours in second and third positions.

Two races were held today in Moto2. The first opened the day’s program, with Edgar Pons (SPA-Kalex) taking the lead, followed closely by Florian Alt (GER-Kalex), Steven Odendaal (RSA-Speedup) and Xavi Vierge (SPA-Tech 3) as the main protagonists in the early laps of the 17-lap race. With the race leader changing, the riders pushed on and opened up a good gap over their pursuers, until two laps from the end the South African rider was forced to retire when his rear suspension failed. With the leading four tussling things out at the front, Jesko Raffin (SWI-Kalex) preferred to take things easy and not risk his chances of the championship. In the end, Stylobike rider Florian Alt (GER-Kalex), Vierge (SPA-Tech 3) and Pons (SPA-Kalex) took the chequered flag in that order.

Three hours later, the second Moto2 race started. Edgar Pons (SPA-Kalex) took the lead and held on firmly, though Odendaal (RSA Speedup) briefly took the lead at the halfway point of the race. With Pons back in control, Xavi Vierge (SPA-Tech 3) and Odendaal were left to fight for second position, with Florian Alt (GER-Kalex) coming up strongly. Just two laps from the end, Pons lost ground as Alt and Vierge fought a fierce battle for the lead, which ended up with them clashing and both going down. With his two main rivals out of action, the Ponsracing rider had the race sewn up, and Jesko Raffin – with Florian Alt out of the points – was proclaimed FIM CEV Repsol Moto2 2014 champion. Odendaal nabbed the second step of the podium, and Alan Techer (FRA-Tech 3) took third position. Best Superstock 600 rider was Bertin Thibaut (FRA) in both races.

In Superbike there was everything to play for. In the first race, right from the off, Robertino Pietri (VEN-Kawasaki), Kenny Noyes (USA-Kawasaki), Iván Silva (SPA-BMW) and Carmelo Morales (SPA-Kawasaki) exchanged positions without anyone dominating. A determined Ángel Rodríguez (SPA-Suzuki) stayed with them until he crashed out. With so much movement it was impossible to predict a victory until with five laps to go, Team Calvo rider Morales snatched first position and held it to the line. In second and third place came Noyes and Silva. Best privateer rider was Axel Maurin (FRA-Kawasaki).

With Kenny Noyes (USA-Kawasaki) and Ivan Silva (SPA-BMW) level on points in the overall standings, the second Superbike race began. Targobank Motorsport rider Silva took off like a rocket from third place on the grid to hold the lead lap after lap. Carmelo Morales (SPA-Kawasaki) and Robertido Pietri (VEN-Kawasaki) were close behind, until mid-race Morales took the lead. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan rider was forced to enter the pits a few laps from the end, leaving the way clear for Kenny Noyes (USA-Kawasaki). Finally Morales celebrated his second win; second and third positions went to Silva and Noyes, keeping them in the hunt for the title. Alejandro Martínez (SPA-Kawasaki) was the winner in the privateers’ class.

The next round of the FIM CEV Repsol will take place at Valencia Circuit on 15th and 16th November, where the last meeting of the season will be held.

Source: CEV Repsol

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