Marc Marquez & Alex Marquez visit Repsol Chairman in Madrid

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Antonio Brufau has welcomed Marc and Alex Marquez, Repsol riders and the first brothers in history to win motorcycle World Championship titles in a single season, to Campus Repsol. The chairman of Repsol, along with part of his team of staff, congratulated the Marquez brothers and shared a chat in which they exchanged impressions and memories of an historic year.

The Repsol Chairman highlighted the attitude and values shown by the Marquez brothers during their sporting success. “It’s no problem if next year you don’t win the World Championship again, but we especially do not want you to change the way you are,” Antonio Brufau reminded the MotoGP and Moto3 World Champions.

Also present at the event was the riders’ manager, Emilio Alzamora, Repsol representative Begoña Elices, Executive Director of Communication and Chairman’s Office, Cristina Sanz, Executive Director of People and Organisation, Pedro Fernandez Frial, Executive Director of Strategy, Control and Resources, and Milagros Vior, Public Relations and Sponsoring Deputy Director.

Source: Repsol Media

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