Jorge Martin interview: “I’m really looking forward to the 2015 season”

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He is only sixteen years of age and he is already a champion. 2014 was a key season in the career of Jorge Martín, who was the outstanding rider and title winner of the Rookies Cup. The youngster from Madrid’s talent and maturity did not go unnoticed amongst the Moto3 teams in the Grand Prix paddock and the MAHINDRA MAPFRE Aspar Team showed an early interest that would eventually see Jorge become a full time World Championship rider in 2015. He has come a long way already from his home town of San Sebastián de los Reyes and he has shown the potential to go much further after some strong initial tests on board his new MAHINDRA. Jorge is determined to demonstrate his ability right from the start of the 2015 preseason…

What brought you to the MAHINDRA MAPFRE Aspar Team?

The good season I had last year in the Rookies Cup opened a few doors but my priority was always the MAHINDRA MAPFRE Aspar Team. It is a strong team with a number of world titles and now with the link to MAHINDRA… the opportunity to join a factory team was very appealing to me.

How is your adaptation to the new team going?

So far, really good. We have done a good job in testing and set some fast times at each circuit we have gone to. I am getting used to the crew and I feel more and more comfortable every time.

Was it what you expected when you arrived at the MAHINDRA MAPFRE Aspar Team?

Yes. I have joined an established team that I can learn a lot from. All of the mechanics are friendly and open, which I think is the basis of good performance on track.

You arrive in the World Championship as the Rookies Cup Champion but you will still be the least experienced rider in the MAHINDRA MAPFRE Aspar Team…

That’s true. I am in good shape after a strong season in 2014 but I will be the youngest rider in the team. I will try to learn as much as possible from my team-mates, Pecco and Juanfran, who have already proved last season that they are very competitive at this level. If I can learn from them and at some point reach their level then that would be a huge step and I would be satisfied.

It looks like the relationship between Juanfran, Pecco and yourself has been good from the start…

Yes, I have already raced against Juanfran in the past on 80cc bikes and we have coincided on track a few times down in Murcia, when I have been there on holiday. I didn’t know Pecco but we got on really well from the moment we met. I think the three of us make a strong team and I am sure we will help each other a lot during the season.

In what ways can they help you?

I think they will help me adapt to this level of competition. They can show me how you need to work in the World Championship, how to approach each practice session, how to understand telemetry… all those things that only otherwise come with experience.

What was your first impression of the MAHINDRA?

Excellent. I had already tested the CEV version but I noticed a massive difference when I rode next year’s prototype. I am happy, we’re setting some fast times and I feel more comfortable every time I ride it. Also we can see that the factory are very much involved.

Have you noticed the fact that this is a factory team?

Yes, they are doing a lot. They have been heavily involved to help us improve at every test. We have had new things to try at each session and the technicians respond to our requests with precise detail.

How much potential does the MAHINDRA have?

This is a huge, powerful multi-national company so if they continue to back us in the way they have so far then I am sure we will achieve great results. So far the bike is working well and we are on the right path with it.

What are its strong points?

Mainly the chassis. You can really feel the difference in corner entry and also the engine is a big improvement on last year.

The MAHINDRA chassis has a lot of promise…

No doubt, and it is constantly improving. Corner entry, under acceleration, braking… it gives you confidence in every area.

And the engine is constantly improving…

Yes, and now they are working hard on making sure that as well as being powerful it is also durable and reliable.

New bike, new team-mates, new challenges for 2015…

I am really looking forward to the challenge of finally competing in the World Championship, which is where I have always wanted to be. I am determined to keep working hard and looking forward to starting the season and finding out what my level is compared to the rest of the riders in the Moto3 World Championship.

What have you got planned for the winter break?

Training. Up to now I already had a training programme but the World Championship is much more demanding so I have to train harder and get myself to the same level of fitness as the other riders to be able to cope with the schedule. I still have to get my head around the fact that I am a Grand Prix rider and start preparing myself for it in that way. Maybe over Christmas I will have the odd day off to enjoy with my family and at college I will have the chance to catch up.

Source: Aspar Media

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