Carmelo Morales – exclusive Q&A

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With Carmelo Morales taking pole position for tomorrow’s Superbike European Championship race at Albacete, we managed to grab an exclusive interview…

How do you feel after getting the pole position today?

After holidays it has been hard to get the pace, but now it seems we are on the right way. We are strong.

After Albacete’s previous test you said that you were having troubles to recover the feelings. Now is as difficult as then?

Today we’ve ridden 1.5 seconds faster than in the test. Every time you get on the bike you improve.

Do you like the new track? (Albacete’s circuit has been resurfaced and restyled)

Yes. It’s very good. They resurfaced it perfectly and overall they improved security. Also with boxes they did a good job. I’m very happy.

Your start of the 2015 season has been almost perfect. You’ve won all the races but one, and that was a second place. Which are the reasons that allowed you to reach that level?

This year many factors have joined. On last winter I didn’t enter on a operating room because I didn’t have any injury. Physically I did a good pre-season and we found a good setting very fast. Those factors have been the key to achieve this results. We’ve never started like this.

Michael Dunlop had some problems with the R1 2015 during the Isle of Man TT. Did you suffered those issues?

No. Laglisse knows Yamaha very well and honestly the bike it’s running on a perfect way.

It looked like it was a bit out of control. Is it right?

Albacete is a really technical track for a 1000cc bike. We have to work on that and try to make things flow. This circuit is very difficult.

You haven’t won a CEV race on Albacete since 2009…

I never think on that. I have todo as well as I can and of course fight for the victory. If I can’t, we will see.

Do you think about the title?

At the moment we are not even on the middle of the season. There are seven more races and I want to attack race by race. Points advantage is very positive, but there is so much championship to dispute. When there are four races left It will be time to analyse points and if it’s necessary preserve.

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