FIM CEV Repsol, Albacete: Canet, Vierge, Silva and Morales take the wins

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Aron Canet won in Moto3, Xavi Vierge reduced the distance with Edgar Pons in Moto2 and, in Superbikes, Ivan Silva achieved his first victory of the season in the first race while Morales won the second.

After the fifth FIM CEV Repsol round held today at the renewed Albacete track, the Championship starts the last part of the season with only three racing weekends left before the end of the season. This morning, the track conditions were not ideal, as the rain kept the tarmac wet during the whole day. Today’s races started after a minute of silence that the paddock of the FIM CEV Repsol kept in memory of Dani Rivas, Bernat Martinez and Joan Garriga.

The winner of the Moto3 race was Aron Canet, who achieved his third victory of the season and increased his lead of the championship over Joan Mir, who crashed in the fifth lap. This is the third time the rider from Majorca does not get points this season, although with four wins this year he keeps the second place overall. In Moto2 the first place was for Xavi Vierge, who reduced by 5 points the advantage of the leader, Edgar Pons, in the championship battle. In Superbike, Ivan Silva and Carmelo Morales shared the wins in the two races held today.

The next round of the FIM CEV Repsol will take place at the Navarra circuit next October 4th.

Moto3 Junior World Championship

Davide Pizzoli led the Moto3 race during the first laps, until he completed a ride through for starting before the light went out, which handled the first place to Joan Mir, followed by Aron Canet. But in lap 5, the rider from Majorca crashed and Canet took the lead. Five laps later, Nicolo Bulega overtook the rider from Valencia, but the Italian had a scare that made him lose the position to Canet, who then rode his way to his third win of the season.

With this result, Aron Canet increases again his lead in the Moto3 classification, followed by Mir, 31 points behind, and Nicolo Bulega, at 36.

Moto2 European Championship

At the start of the Moto2 race, Xavi Vierge and Edgar Pons kept the first and second place and escaped from the rest of the grid, while behind them, Odendaal, Marini and Techer fought for the third place. Only a few tenths separated the two leading Spanish riders until, five laps before the end, they started to overtake each other. It was a very exciting duel which Xavi Vierge won, crossing the Finish line in first place and achieving his second victory of the year. South African Steven Odendaal completed the podium.

After this race, Edgar Pons keeps the overall lead with Xavi Vierge second, 34 points behind, and Steven Odendaal third, at 59 points.

Superbike European Championship

In the first Superbike race Ivan Silva had a good start that allowed him to take the lead from the first lap. Carmelo Morales, who started from the pole position, was down to third, although he quickly recovered and took the second position. At that moment, both riders built a good advantage over the rest until Morales crashed. The current Championship leader was able to go back to the race in fifteenth and recovered until finishing in fourth. After Morales’ crash, Silva was able to take the victory without any opposition and was accompanied on the podium by Adrian Bonastre and the Qatar rider Mashel Al Naimi.

The star of the second race was Carmelo Morales, who was unbeatable from the first corner, setting a difference of up to three seconds from the beginning of the race. The rider from Barcelona took his fourth win of the year and keeps his place as the main contender for the title, as he leads the classification with an advantage of 26 points over the second, Ivan Silva and 61 ver the third, Adrian Bonastre.

Arón Canet – Moto3 race winner
“Truth is that the last MotorLand race was tough for us, it took us a lot to get used to the circuit and we had a difficult weekend. During the test we did here last week, we set a good time, although we’re still a bit far. This weekend, on Saturday, we finished first in the two timed sessions, but it was difficult. Today in the race I started behind Joan Mir and I decided to let him lead because I knew he could make some mistake, because the track conditions were delicate and I had trouble controlling the front. Later, Nicolo Bulega caught up with me, but he had a small scared and I was able to overtake him and set my own pace until the end.”

Xavi Vierge – Moto2 race winner
“It was a very good weekend. We set a very good pace since Friday, even with used tyres. But today we didn’t know if the race would be on dry or wet tarmac and in the end there was a dry line and the track conditions were very complicated. I was able to have a good start and take the first position. I tried to push at the beginning but I saw that Pons kept up with me. I had three or four scares that nearly made me crash and I decided to calm down. I wanted to wait until five laps before the end, but I think Edgard thought the same and he overtook me. That surprised me a bit, I tried to overtake him and it wasn’t easy, but eventually I did it. In the last two laps I pushed to the max and I was able to win. I’m very happy and I want to thank the team for their great job and to all the sponsors for making it possible. This race is for the people that supported us during the last few months, that weren’t easy at all for us.”

Ivan Silva – Superbike first race winner
“It was a complicated race, with very difficult track conditions, but I always feel comfortable under these circumstances. I focused on doing a good start and built as much advantage as I could from the first corner, as the line was very narrow and overtaking would be very difficult and risky. I was second, Carmelo opened a bit and I took the chance to pass him and set my own pace. I had quite a comfortable race, even during the first laps. I was very calmed, studying each corner to check my limits. Then, by mid race I pushed a bit, Carmelo made a mistake and I kept doing my race at my rhythm”.

Carmelo Morales – Superbike second race winner
“In the first lap I didn’t expect it to end like that. We were lucky because we could get some points in the end. I felt comfortable behind Ivan, but with those conditions, sometimes you don’t even know while you crash. Even now, in the second race I was thinking what if I crash again on the same corner. It was a very special weekend for me; I wanted to win one of the two races because of my helmet. As I crashed in the first one, I started the second with a lot of determination. At the beginning the bike worked perfectly and I was able to build a good advantage. When I lowered the pace I rode even more comfortable. I’m very happy with this weekend’s result”.

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