Jorge Martin interview: “I’ve learned so much this year”

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We make no secret about having our favourites here at VROOM – and Jorge Martin is definitely one of them.

The young protege of legendary Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ was champion in Red Bull Rookies in 2014, and in 2015 has impressed again and again in Aspar’s Moto3 squad in his rookie season.

We got to chat with him on the season-closing Valencia weekend, to find out about how he reflects on the year gone by and what lies ahead for him in 2016…

Are you happy with your first year in Moto3?

I expected a bit more of the year, but it was good. I’ve learnt so much from my team and from my teammates, so I’m happy with the season.

Has it been a big change since last year on the Red Bull Rookies Cup?

Of course. When I arrived here I thought I was going to be always on top five, and in the first race I was fifteenth. But I’m happy with te improvements during the year. I started from fourth at Aragón. I made good results. Let’s see next season.

Did you feel more pressure after the Red Bull Rookies Cup?

A little bit at the beginning, because all the people were comparing me with Quartararo, because we were Red Bull Rookies Cup Champion and CEV champion. But now I really don’t care. We are going to improve, and the next year will be the important one.

Has it been difficult to learn new things?

No – The team helps me a lot. They are a really professional guys, and they won the championship with Julito Simón. So, they know a lot about and made me learn a lot.

Are you really happy with the Mahindra?

Yes. We all expect more from the bike, but it’s what we have. Mahindra is working hard for next year and hopefully we have a bike for make some podiums and better results.

So what do you hope gets better?

Just the engine. Everybody knows that on the straights we lose some time and acceleration is the part where we lose more, so we hope it’s better for the next year.

And for yourself, what you do want to improve?

I will train much harder because in some races like Misano or Sepang I was at the limit during the last laps.

In the second part of the season you’ve been consistently in the points…

Yes, always on the points. We improved a lot, because the first races were like: one on the points, then two out of them, then a crash… But now I’m making points.

Do you know where that consistency comes from?

I think I don’t have pressure. I can ride smoother and I’m really happy with the bike.

You’re lucky to be in a team led by a legend such as Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ – Does Aspar teach and mentor you?

Yes, a lot. Every time we stop at the box he says: ‘you can do better this sector’ or ‘yo can do better this’. He helps me a lot to improve and I’m happy with the team.

And you said your crew has a great experience developing bikes…

Yes! The set up is perfect, the bike is at the limit, but the engine is what we have. So we have to take the suspensions at the limit and now we are very fast.

Do you have a favourite race this year?

For me Aragón was the best weekend. I started from fourth on the grid. Also I was second but in the straights we lost some positions.

What are your targets for the next year?

I don’t know what tell to you, because this year the target was top 10 and we were at 19th in some races. The bike is going to improve and the team is going to work hard, so we have to be on the top group every race and try to make the best of the bike.


Interview by Gareth Bouch
Photos by Cristian Ramon Marin Sanchiz and Gareth Bouch
With thanks to Aspar Media

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