FIM CEV Repsol, Valencia: Raceday roundup

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Twenty-five thousand fans packed the paddock and grandstands today to enjoy the sun, spring temperatures, blazing speeds and undiluted excitement of the final six races of the season at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana. With Carmelo Morales (SPA-Yamaha) already crowned champion in Jerez, this time it was the turn of Nicolò Bulega (ITA-KTM), Edgar Pons (SPA-Kalex) and Joan Sardanyons, who were pronounced champions of the Moto3™ Junior World Championship, Moto2™ European Championship and Kawasaki Z Cup categories.

The first race of the Moto3™ Junior World Championship had barely begun when Juanjo Núnez (SPA-Honda) went flying, causing the red flag to be waved and the race halted. When it restarted soon after, having been reduced to nine laps, a brilliant start took Tony Arbolino (ITA-SIC 58 Squadra Corse) from seventh position to the front on the first lap. But it wasn’t long before Joan Mir (SPA-KTM), Albert Arenas (SPA-Husqvarna) Lorenzo Dallaporta (ITA-Husqvarna), Arón Canet (SPA-Honda) and Nicolò Bulega (ITA-KTM) took over at the front, constantly exchanging positions as they diced for the lead. With not far to go to the flag, Tony Arbolino (ITA-SIC 58 Squadra Corse), Lorenzo Dallaporta (ITA-Husqvarna) and Arón Canet (SPA-Honda) succumbed to falls which left them out of the running. Finally Albert Arenas (SPA-Husqvarna) took the checkered flag ahead of Joan Mir (SPA-KTM) and hot newcomer Ayumu Sasaki (JPN-Honda), who earned his first podium position in his FIM CEV Repsol debut.

Leader in the overall standings Nicolò Bulega (ITA-KTM) started the second and decisive race Moto3™ Junior World Championship race with 13 points advantage. Again, the leading group formed up quickly: Joan Mir (SPA-KTM), Albert Arenas (SPA-Husqvarna) Lorenzo Dallaporta (ITA-Husqvarna), Arón Canet (SPA-Honda) and Nicolò Bulega (ITA-KTM). As the laps went by positions became established: the Junior Team VR46 Riders Academy rider leading, Arón Canet (SPA-Honda) and Joan Mir (SPA-KTM) following closely and the two Laglisse Academy riders – Arenas and Dallaporta – working hard to keep in touch. With barely a few seconds remaining, the Machado Leopard Junior Team rider and Lorenzo Dallaporta (ITA-Husqvarna), tangled and went down as they fought for the best line on the last bend, leaving Albert Arenas (SPA-Husqvarna) to take victory once again, earning two “Repsol free fuel voucher” prizes. Arón Canet (SPA-Honda) and Nicolò Bulega (ITA-KTM) came in second and third, giving Valentino Rossi’s protégé Bulega the points needed to be crowned champion of the Moto3™ Junior World Championship, with Albert Arenas as runner-up and Arón Canet third.

The first Moto2™ European Championship race was reduced to 13 laps after another red flag, forcing riders to go all out with little time for strategies. Eventual winner Xavi Vierge (SPA-Tech 3) pushed hard from the start, closely watched by Edgar Pons (SPA-Kalex), who settled in to take second place on the podium. Meanwhile, Lucas Mahias (FRA-Transfiormers) and Steven Odendaal (RSA-Kalex) rode together for much of the race, taking stock, with the French rider finally managing to shake off his South African rival to clinch third place and the “Repsol free fuel voucher” prize.

The second Moto2™ European Championship race began quietly, with Xavi Vierge (SPA-Tech3) starting from pole position and taking a seven second lead over his opponent, Edgar Pons (SPA-Kalex). Meanwhile, the Páginas Amarillas HP 40 Junior rider rode comfortably, unchallenged by other riders. The two kept their positions to the flag, repeating the results of the first race earlier in the day. A tough struggle for third place involved Lucas Mahias (FRA-Transfiormers) – who was eventually left out of the running by mechanical problems – Steven Odendaal (RSA-Kalex), Luca Marini (ITA-Kalex), Tetsuta Nagashima (JPN-Kalex), Alan Techer (FRA-Tech 3) and Eric Granado (BRA-Kalex). Right to the final lap Luca Marini (ITA-Kalex) was looking good but a clash with Steven Odendaal (RSA-Kalex) sent him off the track, leaving Tetsuta Nagashima (JPN-Kalex) to take third place – his second podium this season. Edgar Pons (SPA-Kalex) and Xavi Vierge (SPA-Tech3) finish the season as champion and runner-up respectively, while Alan Techer (FRA-Tech 3) earns the bronze medal. Marcos Ramírez (SPA-Yamaha) was proclaimed champion of Superstock 600, with Abián Santana (SPA-Yamaha) runner-up and Lachlan Epis (AUS-Kawasaki) in third place.

In the Superbike European Championship, Carmelo Morales (SPA-Yamaha) quickly took the lead and pulled clear, riding solo right to the finish line. Behind him Robertino Pietri (VEN-Yamaha), Maximilian Scheib (CHI-BMW) and Adrián Bonastre (SPA-BMW), fought a non-stop battle, risking everything to gain the upper hand. Luck was not on the Venezuelan rider’s side as he crashed out, allowing the Chilean rider to take second place, adding a new best result among the privateer riders and earning another “Repsol free fuel voucher”. Adrián Bonastre (SPA-BMW) came in third. With Carmelo Morales (SPA-Yamaha) already champion, Bonastre was proclaimed runner-up with third place going to Robertino Pietri. The gold medal among privateer riders went to Eeki Kuparinen (FIN-BMW), with silver for Pierre Texier (FRA-Kawasaki) and bronze for Axel Maurin (FRA-Kawasaki).

The Kawasaki Z Cup race closed the final day of the season: after a hard-fought race victory and the championship went to Joan Sardanyons. Runner-up was Francisco Javier Valera and third place in the championship goes to Daniel Carrau.

Today at 10:20 a.m. there was a minute’s silence on the line in remembrance of the victims of the attacks in Paris.

This concludes the 2015 FIM CEV Repsol season. In the coming weeks the 2016 season calendar will be published.

Source: CEV Repsol

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