Spark Models announces 1:43 scale range of model MotoGP bikes

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Not only are we big MotoGP fans, we’re also a bit geeky over diecasts – and so it’s great to suddenly have some genuinely interesting MotoGP diecast news to share.

Usually there’s just an occasional update from Minichamps on another Valentino Rossi model, or another delay in the release of their meagre and overpriced range, so when you get news of another great manufacturer – Spark – entering the market, and in a new scale, it’s worth sitting up and taking notice.

Minichamps have usually stuck with 1:12 for their MotoGP releases as far as I know, with companies such as New-ray and Altaya also putting out releases in 1:12 and 1:18 – these are of lesser quality (but still very decent) but far better value for money and also far, far less expensive. Ixo and Altaya also have historically produced a great range of 1:24 MotoGP models.

And now here come Spark – with a set of 1:43 releases; a scale far better known for diecast cars, and in particular for diecast F1 cars. I’m yet to be convinced of exactly how suitable it is for bikes – they’re probably going to be in the region of 5cm in length, and that might be a bit small when you think of the rich and detailed livery you want to cram on there.

Having said that, I’m not going to complain. Far from it. At £24 each these are way more affordable than anything in Minichamps territory, and given their scale and price, might suit themselves much more to being used to build collections rather than as one-offs. Also it has to be said that the range in the initial announcement is nicely broad (if lacking in any immediate evidence of any Yamahas, Suzukis or Aprilias).

The first tranche of releases, which Diecast Legends reports are likely to start arriving in November (the immediacy and reliability of timescale is another thing that Spark is good at and Minichamps is lousy at) is as follows…

Honda RC213V – 1st 2016 Czech Republic Moto GP – #35 C. Crutchlow
Ducati GP 15 – 2016 Netherlands Moto GP – #45 S. Redding
Honda RC213V – 1st 2016 USA Moto GP – #93 M. Marquez
Honda RC213V – 1st 2016 Netherlands Moto GP – #43 J. Miller
Ducati GP 16 – 1st 2016 Austrian Moto GP – #29 A. Iannone
Ducati GP 14.2 – 2016 Argentinian Moto GP – #50 E. Laverty
Honda RC213V – 2016 Argentinian Moto GP – #53 T. Rabat
Ducati GP 16 – 2016 Sepang Test – #27 C. Stoner
Honda RC213V – 2016 Argentinian Moto GP – #26 D. Pedrosa
Ducati GP 16 – 2016 Austrian Moto GP – #4 A. Dovizioso
Ducati GP 15 – 2016 Czech Republic Moto GP – #9 D. Petrucci
Ducati GP 14.2 – 2016 Czech Republic Moto GP – #68 Y. Hernandez
Ducati GP 14.2 – 2016 Argentinian Moto GP – #8 H. Barbera
Ducati GP 14.2 – 2016 Czech Republic Moto GP – #76 L. Baz

If Spark can follow that up with more MotoGP variety – and ideally some coverage of Moto2 and Moto3 – I’d be a very happy bunny indeed.



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