Introducing the European Talent Cup: The new class of the FIM CEV Repsol

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The FIM CEV Repsol has announced a new and unprecedented category to its championship. The European Talent Cup will surely be one of the points of reference for riders starting their development in the world of road racing. The introduction of this new class will ensure the entry for the youngest riders to a championship of equal motorcycles for all at a reduced price, with the aim of exploiting their potential before taking the great step to the Moto3™ Junior World Championship which will be losing the Moto3 Production subclass.

Participants, aged between 13 and 17 years (1) will be riding a Honda NSF 250 R. Very few modifications to the standard model will be allowed, some of which we preview (2) before publishing the technical rulebook in the coming weeks. The teams will manage their own motorbikes. Any Honda NSF 250 R motorcycle that complies with the technical regulations will be allowed to participate in the European Talent Cup with.

In addition, DORNA will make 17 completely revised motorcycles from the Asia Talent Cup (3) available for purchase to the participants. These bikes will not have the permitted modifications and the price will be of 4,200.00 € (VAT excluded) plus a deposit of 5,000.00 € that will be returned at the end of the season if the rider/team participates in the whole championship. You can apply for the purchase of one or more of these motorcycles until the 15th of February 2017 at stating the name of the team and the rider wishing to participate in the European Talent Cup. From that date the teams and riders receiving the motorcycle will be selected and informed. They will then have to register the rider in the championship and formalize the payments within the following 15 days from the communication.

At the same time, Dorna will also sell revised Honda NSF 250 R engines from the Asia Talent Cup (4) which will be offered at a price of € 1,400.00 (VAT exlcluded) for all participants in the European Talent Cup; not only for buyers of the motorcycle that Dorna will sell.

Thereby, with the addition of the European Talent Cup, the FIM CEV Repsol, will be even more established as one of the platforms for the growth of future stars, learning from the beginning in the best possible scenario; the World Championship tracks together with the high sporting level that make up the CEV Repsol FIM calendar.


European Talent Cup

(1) Riders: Born between 2000 and 2004 (both inclusive).

(2) Engine and rolling chassis totally standard with the following spare parts: brake hose, caliper and front brake pump, brake discs of the same material and diameter as the original, brake pads, semi-handlebars, footrest and pegs, break leavers, rear brake lever and shift lever, steering damper, chain, sprocket, ring and pinion, liquids and oil, filters, exhaust, limited quick- shifter, fork springs and shock absorber spring, clutch discs, clutch separators.
Fairings with the same shape and appearance as the original, modifiable sub-frame with limitations and limited data acquisition.

(3) – Completely disassembled and revised motorcycle.
– Chassis/swing-arm 10.000km approx.
– Standard suspensions with one year of use (approx. 3,000km)
– New brand new brake system except rear caliper with 1 year of use (3,000km aprox.)
– New 34, 35, 36 standard developments.
– Standard exhaust system with 1,000km approx.
– Engine: oil-sump with 4,000km approx. connecting rods, pistons, valves … with 1.000km approx.

(4) These engines have oil-sumps with 5,000km approx. connecting rods, pistons, valves … with 1,500km approx.

Source: CEV Repsol

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