Vroom Magazine iOS App Version 1.1 introduces Notifications

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The Vroom Magazine iOS App for iPhones has just launched the new 1.1 Version, which includes Notifications as a new feature.

As many fans follow particular riders and particular championships we’ve created a special Notifications system that allows you to select any or all of the news published on Vroom Magazine.

So, for instance if you only want news about MotoGP and Marc Marquez, then you simply ensure that you select only those items in the new Notifications panel, accessed via the Notifications icon in the new toolbar at the bottom of the App’s screen. Or if you want to follow MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and CEV – and anything that appears in those categories – then just select them instead.

Then every time a news update is published that is relevant to you, then your iPhone will push a news alert to show up on your lock screen, or however you like your Notifications configured.

To turn Notifications on – and to customise their appearance on your device – you need to go to the main Settings for your iPhone. Go to Settings > Notifications > Vroom Magazine then use this page to customise the alerts you receive and how they display.

It’s going to be a very handy new feature for keeping up with news when it breaks across race weekends, and also for ensuring you don’t miss any surprise or unexpected news and information about your favourite riders and championships.

To download the App, go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for ‘Vroom Magazine’.

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