DNF for Ayumu Sasaki in Indonesia

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This morning the weather was unusually good and since the warm up the track appeared in excellent condition.

Ayumu started the day with a great second place in the warm up, which generated great confidence ahead of the race. At the shut-off of the traffic light he had an excellent take-off and on the finish line of the first lap Ayumu passed sixth. Until mid-race he remained in the leading group, occupying the fifth position in several situations. Around the twelfth lap he began to suffer a drop in performance, which slowly made him slip to the bottom of the group.

Unfortunately, in the last lap he made a mistake in braking. In fact, in the braking of turn 10 he arrived long, hitting the rear wheel of A. Migno. Because of the impact both fell, ending the race just a few corners from the finish line. Due to this crash Ayumu will have pay a long lap penalty, in the next race in Argentina.

“It was an unfortunate race, considering that we struggled for all the race inside the leading group. I was not very strong on the hard breaking with the hard tires, so it was very difficult for me to overtake in the group. In the last three laps I was trying my best to gain positions, but in the last lap I made a mistake and I crashed out with another rider. I feel very disappointed and I feel sorry for Migno, because I crashed into him and that was of course not a thing I was trying to do. I feel disappointed, but in the last lap I wanted to try everything to improve the position. Unfortunately, we finish the race again without any point, which is not good for the championship.

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