Difficult race for Navarro with 12th in #DutchGP

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With only the participation of Navarro after the forced withdrawal of Canet, today the pupil of Sito Pons went out on track from the sixth position and hoped to make a good race as he had the pace to fight for the victory. But quickly all the options have gone down the drain as Navarro has detected from the first lap that he suffered a lot with the choice of tires. Incomprehensibly, the bike became difficult to ride with chattering problems and Navarro was unable to show his full potential. Despite this, he crossed the finish line twelfth, adding 4 points to his score.

Now the FlexBox HP 40 goes on vacation and will return to the activity next August 5 with the first day of free practice for the Silverstone Grand Prix in England.

Jorge Navarro, 12th, +15.028

I don’t really know what to say about today’s race. Yesterday we had a very good pace, one of the most competitive in the category and we couldn’t replicate it in the race. The only thing we changed was the tires and from the start the bike was undriveable. I had a lot of chattering, the bike was jumping all over the place and I did what I could. It’s a pity because today we could have achieved a good result. The positive thing is that we have shown that we can be competitive, being fast, and Silverstone is where we must start to build the second part of the season.

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