NOT the MotoGP News: “Tissot… Bless you” Guy reviews the first Sprint Race

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So, the Sprint race happened (“TISSOT Sprint Race to you! – Ed), and Gareth (hi there!) the editor thought we should be more like the MotoGP teams, and work more for the same pay. We’re all for this because he doesn’t pay us anyway. It’s one of the reasons why we never go on strike. Maybe all workers shouldn’t be paid; that would certainly stop all the strikes in the UK and France.

Anywho, this year the lights in Qatar had been turned up to 11 – it was so bright it looked like daylight. In Portugal. (Err…. Guy…. It is in Portugal you oaf. – Ed).

12 laps you say? Mid-afternoon on a Saturday you say? Well let’s see how that panned out.

It was like the last laps of a Moto3 race with all the shenanigans that that involves except on bikes that were a lot bigger. And older riders who should know better.

Amazon’s new star with his new PR manager, Marc M, thought it was all about him, and started brilliantly taking the lead with Bastianini quickly popping into second from sixth. This wasn’t to last and neither was his race. Lap 4 and Bez was down and copped a broken shoulder for his troubles. That’ll please him and his team as he’s out of the main (more points) race on Sunday. Three laps earlier (lap 1) Mir went down and very nearly took Quat with him. At the least it scuppered Quat’s ambition to pick up points.

In the meantime, Miller The Married kinda bamboozled everyone and KTM mainly by taking his bike up to the front ¼ of the race. No doubt as us cynics like to say, he’s on a win bonus and meagre wages. Or he’s just fired up being in a weird Austrian world when he assumed they were actually an Australian team. Spelling, eh? KTM, they’re from Austria Jack.

Eventual winner Pecco Baggy was without a shadow of doubt in it for the points, which to be honest is a lot better than getting points on your driving licence for being a fool.

Did it work? If you’re Baggy, or Martin(e) (2nd) or Marc, then yes. If you’re Bez or Mir, then no. there is going to be a lot of tired and exhausted riders by the end of the season, with mistakes being compounded by tiredness.


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