Jaume Masia 2nd in #SanMarinoGP to claim back-to-back podiums, Tatsuki Suzuki 15th

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The San Marino Grand Prix is now in the books! Le0pard Racing completes the 12th round of the season with Jaume Masià stepping onto the podium again, claiming second position after a breath-taking last lap, while Tatsuki Suzuki makes it to the points finishing in 15th place.

Under the clear and sunny skies of the Misano World Circuit, Le0pard Racing started today’s race by the Adriatic Sea from the first spot of the grid with polesitter Jaume Masià, and from the 16th place in the sixth row with Tatsuki Suzuki.

In a great start to the race, although he lost the lead for a moment, Jaume Masià was able to push to retake it, starting to open a gap behind him once he hit the front. Tatsuki Suzuki, for his part, remained around his starting position, trying to fight some places back.

The Spaniard had already opened up a gap of 1.2s when it was 16 laps to go, right when the rider behind started to push to catch him. Until 10 laps to go, Jaume Masià remained in front, making it impossible for the riders behind to overtake him. But when they managed to do it, the Spaniard dropped to fourth, and that’s when the fight began. In the meantime, Tatsuki Suzuki continued to fight in 16th place.

Giving his best and showing a great and fast pace, Jaume Masià battled hard to recover the lost places, fighting soon again within the podium positions, trying until the very last lap to take the lead.

In another last-lap showdown, the Spaniard, who sat in 2nd position, was overtaken by the rider in 3rd. In an attempt to overtake both riders in front of him, Jaume Masià stole the show once again. But, when he made the move, he had a moment almost losing the front, saving it in style to cross the finish line, in the end, in 2nd place to take his 6th podium of the season.

On the other hand, Tatsuki Suzuki, who was fighting during the whole race in the group behind, struggled to make up positions, but made it into the points finishing in 15th place today.

Now it’s time to have some rest, the fly-aways are coming!

Jaume Masià – 2nd

I wanted to take the victory today, but I’m quite happy anyway, we had an almost perfect weekend. I had a great start to the race, but after six laps, the tyre started to drop and I started to lose the grip. It was difficult to manage the race from that point onwards, but I did it. If you would have told me three weeks ago that we were going to be in this position, I wouldn’t have believed it. I can’t wait for the next race, in the first ever MotoGP Indian Grand Prix.

Tatsuki Suzuki – 15th

The weekend hasn’t been what we expected it to be. I faced today’s race motivated, eager to do things right, but I struggled as I wasn’t able to make up positions. It’s been difficult since I came back from injury. I think it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start again.

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